Liotes Crypto Project now has a Leasing Shop: More value for LEN

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Hurrah! a new sink has been created for LEN token with the launch of the Liotes Shop. I had noted in one of my post few days ago that eCommerce is crucial for the growth of Hive communities and second layer tokens and the @Liotes project just dived into it four days ago.


Not fewer than 17 items in multiple quantities are already listed on Liotes Rental Shop which is a defining usecase to the latest LEN (Liotes Energy) token mined from LENM (Liotes Enegy Mills) created by @ph1102 and @Achim of the CTP community. LEN is as old as CUB token and it's amazing to see this huge development and usecase for the token which is novel on the Hive second layer.

Creating this sink for LEN which would increase demand for the token and its miners as holders can now have an alternative real value for the token apart from trading it against SWAP.HIVE on the Hive-engine market. Moreover, decent that 10% of the tokens get burnt as it is generated from the lease of digital products.


I made my first purchase of 3,000 CTP Power delegation, which to me has a higher ROI than purchasing CTP power from the market. This happens because I mine some tangible amount of LEN daily based on the amount of LENM I have staked. The prospect that LEN shop has is that it starts it lease deals with most wanted token for curation including LEO Power, CTP Power and SPORTS Power. There is also a selection of Splinterlands Summoners.

Reading through the update post on Liotes market, it thrills me that the token creators are ready for business and are ready to provide much value for Liotes Energy Mill stakeholders. I'm hoping that soon, there would be a provision for other users to also lease their products on the shop or secure a selling space there.


While making a purchase attempt hours ago, I was able to rent 1,000 CTP over 91 days for 34.474 LEN and that should be able to pool over 1,600 CTP as curation rewards. That would have been valued at 160 HIVE in the coming 91 days and even more which is very profitable when compared with purchasing CTP from the open market.

Leasing Power helps the lender to bear the longterm risk/profit of owning the tokens while allowing the borrower to take advantage of the short term risk/profit that could be accrued by the price action of the token. The process is quite seamless via Hivesigner. Hopefully, Hive keychain payment integration would be added.


This development makes Liotes count among the Hive projects interested in eCommerce. Looking at the background of the project founders who have been a part of the @Clicktrackprofit community concerned with online businesses, affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship, it is evident that we can draw some more value from this as other tangible products like eBooks, etc could as well be purchased on the Liotes Shop.

It can only get better.

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