200% Profit on a 46 CUB Free Gift from LeoFinance in 3 Weeks

in Project HOPE2 months ago

On reading @leoFinance's latest Tweet on CUB price few days ago, I hurried to CubDeFi to assert the level of growth of my "free CUB tokens" claimed three weeks ago. I naturally don';t like free things except on Hive. Thanks to LeoFinance for that awesome gift that is daily growing to become a huge investment for me. Glad that the airdropped tokens were claimed on another blockchain outside of Hive that made the investing journey easier and a worthy adventure.

I received 46.428 CUB tokens and at the first time my eyer ever saw my wallet, it was valued at $324 and that was huge to be a free gift. I traded a few CUB for LEO and later bought back CUB when the price began to crash and pooled everything in the CU den that has mined over 20 CUBs already. At each time, I compounded my earnings and everything looked merrier. Growth has occured over the last three weeks and I took advantag of the dipping moments to add more CUBS to my den.

Glad to have over 150 CUBs presently sitting on the den and farming 1.1 CUB in the last 48 hours. That's huge and the future looks more beautiful epeecially when CUB finally attains its original $50 USD worth each. I can boldly say that's over 200% profit thus far and still counting.


Like I had mused in my post detailing my first crypo farming experience, this s a beautiful journey to a rigorous passive wealth acumulation. Here's a peak feom the post:

Indeed, the journey to passive wealth creation just begun. I am anticipating other Hive-tokens to model after LEO and that would be a big one fop the Hive blockchain. The second layer of Hive host the most of my asset and it's fun to see things growing on daily basis. I think, I can now print a card to tell people I'm a Crypt Ambassador who just earn cryptos for just joining LeoFinance community on Hive blockchain.

I have been really longing for this moment when I can have a sight of my retirement quite before 40 and leaving the remaining 60 years financially free and impacting humanity with the wealth so far accumulated. With 200% profit already achieved in less than a month, it is hopeful that when the CUB price hits $10, I should have been heading towards 500% profit. This can only happen when investing in crypto and in a decent DeFi project like CUB.

The future is presently unfolding before our eyes and soon, the wealth charts would topple and people without products to buy and sell in the traditional markets would be earning slots in top spots.

Thanks to the @leoFinance lead team for their ingenuity in proving blockchain solutions and continuing to pave way for more wealth generation on Hive and other blockchains. Glad that LEO though native to Hive now has a home on Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network. Anticipating a Thorchain bridge soon with other blockchain affiliations.