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RE: How close are we to a 'fiat-less' world?

hello @joelagbo,
I am not so sure about the end of fiat money in the world, but if you are in Venezuela that reality is very possible as the collapse of the economy led us to almost not using cash, currencies like usdt are more common than cash, but I don't think the world is ready for this reality that means leaving aside the economy as we know it not to mention that many fiat money based economies are better off than many tokens, from my point of view everything will depend on the adoption of humanity to the digital world in which money should be digital as well.


The situation in Venezuela is a very special one and many countries will fall into the same issue in the future, fiat has its own problem of volatility. Cryptcurrencies are not really a solution to volatility but these two systems can work together for better functionality.

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