How back links help in creating quality content ?

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There is no denying the fact that crypto, finance, gaming banking and defi are growing at a tremendous pace.
So if you are a blogger or a content creator, some one who wants to update his/ her info about investing, finance, and cryptocurrency then you may find it quite a challenge to remain updated about everything that is happening in in this space.

So when it comes to presenting ideas one needs sources of credible information to do value addition to a post or an article.

A lot of info out there

There is a lot of information out there and if one is short of time it becomes quite a challenge to look for credible information.
Lots of time we turn to Wikipedia pages.
So if we want to search for crypto currency we can look for the Wikipedia page related to cryptocurrency, the result would look like this


Adding back links from reliable sources adds credibility to a users content

It is easy to create back link to the page with the term cryptocurrency.

This is a simple steps however this gives the reader to get more insights into understanding of the term cryptocurrency.

Can we create such a reference to our own posts that we have created earlier ?

Sure even those kinds of links help to keep the reader longer on your blog.

Even sharing your post on social media helps

By way of sharing your posts on social media platforms like facebook and twitter you are again creating backlinks.
Those they may not help much in terms of boosting the domain authority or better positioning your post on the first page of google however this is a good way to bring in audiences to the content that you create.

Try to get backings to your post and blog from high DA sites

High DA Domain authority sites are the one that automatically rank better in search engines like google.
A good way to promote your own content is to somehow manage to get your post links onto such high domain authority lines.

This can be a lengthy process and take some time efforts and some smart tricks to get this work for you. Perhaps a topic that I would cover in another post.
However to get you started here is my parting tip.
In case you own a site or blog outside of this platform you can put your blog link on the bio section.
Your blog link can also be put on social media bios on you twitter, facebook, instagram and any other social media platform that you may be using.
This is another way of promoting your content and blog.

My concluding thoughts

For all this to work you need to create content on a regular basis. Make sure your content is original, the facts are authentic and free from any plagiarism.

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