Tipping your customers and workers can attract more money to your business: Business mindset

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I have seen workers lamenting of how they are not being treated well by their CEO. When I heard of such, I really felt bad and again, I felt bad for the CEO too. He doesn't knows what he/she is doing. The back bone of everybody is the workers and the customers. If you don't treat them well the workers will input performance not worth it into your business, and if you treat your customers badly, prepared for doom to hit that business. This two people should be given maximum attention and respect. You give them your support, your business hit apex.



An advice to CEO's, Because somebody is working for you doesn't makes the person a slave. Remember you can't do that business alone, you need support to attain your goal. You should see them as your team player, take them very close and learn to shower them with different packages. You can make sure you surprise them weekly, monthly or yearly, you are free to choose the one that will works for you. Once you do all this you will see them happy and their performance to serve you will multiply. This is the more reason you should treat them well, their input to the progress of the business will be massive. This is why tipping them when it comes to your business is important. Surprise them and see reward flying in.

What about the customers angle? Don't joke with this people. They can transform your business into something else. You knows that once you treat them well, just relax you will sees them bringing in more customers for you. You won't be needing to do much marketing again. They will end up doing such since they knows you are a very nice person.

There is one angle you as the CEO should emulate. Learn to make sure that you always invite them for meeting. When they are there, the topic of discussion should be about the business. Tell them to tell you where you are not doing well, i.e where you are lacking or lagging behind. After that, tell them to educate you on how go on with what they suggest. Tell them when you are keying into what they suggested and appreciate their suggestions so far. Aafter that surprise them with any thing meaningful and see how your business will soar. Any of your customers that you have not seen for long, learn to try and get in touch with him or her to know what the issue is. If they are sick, give little assistant that you can afford. If this is always done, your customers won't stop to patronize you. In other for then to support they will they will market the business to friends and families.

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The tipping for your customers and workers doesn't not have to be big, do it in a way that they will fall in love with what you give them. Don't in any way be rude to any of them, if they offend you learn to act matured by telling them about their act. And if you see them falliny behind, motivate them on how to catch up instead of being harsh on your workers. This will sees you doing well as you are cultivating good habit. CEO should be person who cultivate the habit of not reacting to everything negativ. CEO should be kind, Jovial, understanding and be unique. If you possess that characters your business will surely do well with time.


Don't overestimate what your workers and customers can do to your business. If you knows their power you will love to treat them nicely. They are the power of your business, remember without them it will be hard for you to achieve anything while running your business. Don't be harsh on any body, you will surely regret it if you are that type that has high level of annoyance.

So in a nutshell, learn to always cultivate the habit of surprising your workers and customers with something unique and see how positive the outcome of your business will be. This has been proven to work perfectly. Top business men have talked about this as they certified it the best way for your business to hit zenith. If you are that type of CEO that doesn't knows how to tip workers or customers you should emulate this now. Like when dealing with the workers something you can surprise them by adding to their salaries without them begging you to do so. As for the customers, learn the habit ofreduing the price of commodities while selling it to them. While doing all this, you should learn to tell them that you are doing it for how lovely they are. This will in return boost your business massively by always referring customers to your business.

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hello @tfame3865,
as an entrepreneur you should know that if you want to keep your team motivated you should only praise in a sincere way the contributions that your team makes to the company, this makes them feel valued, on the other hand, you can make your customers loyal with small gifts that show that you are committed to delivering the best quality at the best price.

I think it is a good strategy to be able to tip workers and customers and thus be able to increase our income in our businesses.

Greetings and thank you for sharing your business knowledge.

Hello @tfame3865
You mention many truths, those two people.aue mention, customers and workers, are piedra.base of any business, without them conforms simply goes to total failure.
There are many bosses who do not know that, they simply do not care, they lack humanity in those cases.

The way you treat your employees or customers will tell how well your business will do. One needs to be really careful and strstegic

Hello friend, excellent advice, I agree, we must maintain a good relationship with our customers and especially with our employees, they are our collaborators so that everything is maintained and we continue to be successful. It is a team work, so we must behave as such. Best regards.

Tipping always work in life. It will motivate people and workers we need to give in between few months to make them motivated and happy.