Ulog - Will The Akoin Digital Currency In Terms Of ROI For Investors? Part 2

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To better grasp the context for the video above, start by watching the preceding videos to this one of the 'Akoin series'.

In this particular ulog, i try to create a 'publication of revelation' for the question "
Ulog: Will The Akoin Digital Currency In Terms Of ROI For Investors? Part 2

I started out by speaking on how digital currencies in general derive their value. Then i went on looking at Akoin by virtue of its digital currency only. Assuming that Akoin had only simplistic parameters and it is not backed by an entire Akoin ecosystem, can it go on to succeed 'price-wise' for investors based on Akon's fame alone?

In the next video (part two), i will go on highlight possible use-cases for the Akoin digital currency by virtue of 'the Akoin ecosystem' that this token will power, in a bid to establish whether these additional factors can improve the value (and price) of Akoin.

Akoin is a blockchain-based project ran by Akon, in his bid to take 'Africa to the world'. However, is the project really for Africa; is it for Africa?

Amongst other things, it is important to know that while "Akoin" is the name for Akon's digital currency, it also refers to an entire ecosystem called 'Akoin'.

Akoin intends to offer an ecosystem that incites, invites and incentivizes 'innovators, programmers, enterpreneurs etc' especially those emanating from Africa, to build projects and applications on blockchain technology. They will also have a layer that offers 'atomic swap' capabilities allowing for easy distribution of Akoin. As importantly, they are building a physical venture called 'Akon city' starting in Senegal, a smart city that is powered by Akoin.

All aspects of their ecosystem will use Akoin (a digital currency), creating dynamic uses-cases for Akoin. As for bringing 'Africa to the world', Akoin is on the right track but to what measure can Akoin be made to be potent for this?

The Akoin digital currency is presented as a utility token i.e with the direct promise of ROI, giving us grander insight into their grand vision

Akoin intends to start their project with the Stellar blockchain. I say 'start' because according to me, there exist a likelihood that they will shift to a blockchain that is specifically built for 'social' or transition on to their own blockchain as it is established based on my insight into the expanse of their vision that they are focused on 'social'.

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