Ulog - Why A Legitimate Illiterate Is Riding Holochain And Hot Coin. What Is Next After Blockchain?

In this ulog, i looked at holochain anew as a 'legitimate illiterate' within the course of a livestream and this is what i was able to see:

Holochain can create even its own coinmarketcap/coingecko-type sites, meaning that it can create an entire new wave of applications and digital currencies, those are that are now quite holochain-based. It is open source, so it can flourish to those extents.

The world is on the wave of asking 'what is after blockchain', it also already looking for new trends. It is no coincidence that defi and decentralized oracles even some which have been 'crumbling projects' have come to the fore. Even from a branding perspective alone, Holochain is bound to sell.

Holochain tackles the actual creation of a new internet or internet 3.0 . Perhaps, it will to reduce data-costs etc relating to accessing the internet in the long term. The world is looking for a new internet too.

Me who is a illiterate illiterate, found blockchain because i was looking for a 'new internet' years ago. Alas, i didn't even know the word 'blockchain', when i was searching.

Blockchain is beginning to fade. It still can be revolutionary but that depends highly on humans use it and humans so far aren't so ready for blockchain. I love blockchain and would build mine too but i seek to build a hybrid, like holochain is tackling.

Point is, people are already seeking a new trend, that 'after blockchain'. One reason is, blockchain hasn't been focused on the use-cases, especially 'users' and all. Thus, it hasn't managed to create a 'loyalty' element that is long-term among its users and many new blockchain innovators have followed the trend, trying to be disruptive and in competition with other blockchains as opposed to creating their own revolutionary blockchain or dapp. We end up with a recycle of dapps that revolve around financial services and roi, than revolutionary use-cases.

This is not coincidence! Holochain is being ambitious quite and nothing wrong with that. It will certainly face hurdles but the 'vision with the dream' is solid, it will be back and perhaps it will stir that 'loyalty factor' that blockchain misses out on.


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new ideas, new innovations and I guess which is simpler for people to join something that is already created, and not having to strive to create something new and from scratch

@surpassinggoogle everyone is making new Market , let see were it goes , new opportunities , new chance are created. We need to be very careful and do our due diligence before investing in any of this.

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