Reasons to support our witness @roadofrich

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Hello, Friends of Project.HOPE.

From @steemtpistia with the intention of improving the participation of the community in the governance of the Steem blockchain, we want to ask you to vote for our witness @roadofrich, in recognition of the hard work that has been driving the ROR team in the development of the Steem blockchain.

In addition to the support for our witness @roadofrich, we also want to invite users to update their witnesses, remember that since the division many of the witnesses they have selected are not running nodes on the Steem blockchain.

The Team ROR and our witness @roadofrich currently running their nodes to help keep the economy and the functionality of the blockchain de STEEM, which make it possible to run all of our transactions on STEEM, as in any democracy, the community has the opportunity to give their support to our witness @roadofrich, to continue their conditions of operation, the ecosystem STEEM.

In addition, the ROR team and our witness @roadofrich are developing RFDAX, STEEMFIELD, and simultaneously developing the Steemit mobile app version and the web version.

If you would like to know in detail the work currently being done by the ROR team and our witness @roadofrich, we invite you to read the following advances:

With your support you contribute to the development of the Steem blockchain


I have voted for your witness. Keep up the great work on steem.

I voted you as witness.

 6 months ago 

Resteemed already. Will place my vote tomorrow.

Night night.

I already voted for @roadofrich as a witness.