How can we cope with and manage grief and sadness?

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It seems contradictory, but the best way to avoid extreme sadness due to the grief we may feel for any negative aspect that has happened to us is not to avoid negative emotions, because every time those emotions come to us we release a lot of our emotional stress.

By nature man has wanted to have reason over emotions, we think that emotions are to blame for our sadness, when really the way we reason and hide our emotions is what really hurts us.

We must have a better reading of our emotions, when we let them flow we are collecting valuable information to optimally manage our survival and our own self-knowledge, once we let our emotions flow and capture all the necessary information derived from it, then we get to have enough wisdom to cope and accept our sadness as a result of our grief.

It is important that in the social and psychological environment of the individual we do not try to label emotions as something positive or negative, because at some point we will want to avoid them and that is when we will really hurt ourselves without realizing it, since we could not have a sense of identification and therefore we can generate negative behavioral responses.

The work we do in our day to day are some elements in which we can invest our time and that can help us to unburden our sadness, together with this if we can help our sadness with a set of relaxation therapies we can enter into a process of personal acceptance of change and loss, the important thing is that we let our emotions come and in this way we can manage our sadness product of grief.


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Pain, sadness are the result of "some" reason and we cannot overlook where they come from.
But to face them and overcome them is essential the accompaniment and the knowledge that we can leave them behind, taking into account that they are momentary states just like happiness.
thank you for your contribution

Greetings friend @joseph1956. Exactly I agree with you, the pain and sadness are the result of a reason that has happened to us, emotional state that helps us to understand and manage why we are so, we have very low self-esteem, we lack hope, motivation everything is intertwined. In order to face reality we need the accompaniment and support of people who know us and often professional help. Thank you for your support

hello @sandracarrascal,
it is a very fashionable topic, it is possible that we are all living a side effect of the pandemic and that makes us feel emotional pain on the other hand I agree that this kind of emotions can help us to manage our lives better if we learn how to use it.

Greetings friend @sandracarrascal.

Great article of reflection that you share with us on this occasion, emotions such as pain and sadness often come and go in us, therefore, as you express we must control our stress to lower levels of negative emotions, really enjoy reading your extraordinary content, thanks for sharing it with us all. Greetings.

Good day friends!
Sometimes it’s only after you leave a situation that you realize you shouldn’t have been in it to begin with.
Ability is what you’re capable of doing, motivation determines what you do, and attitude determines how well you do it.

Greetings friend @benie111. Many times we realize after we leave something that it was not the place or the time where you had to be, but it will give us sadness and pain the time lost in something or someone who is not worth it, at the time of accepting things helps us to see more clearly, looking for a different motivation to move forward. Thank you for your support

Greetings @sandracarrascas, to be able to control or manage our emotions is very important, but in order to achieve this we must allow them to arrive and not avoid them. For example when there is a problem that can affect us we should not cast aside that situation must be faced to live that experience and know how to solve the problem.

Greetings friend @carlir. For us to be able to manage and control our emotions the most important thing is to know ourselves how much we can overcome the reality that we have to face, and decide to leave behind a past that hurts us and accept a different present, but it takes time it does not happen overnight, many times when we have a problem we do not leave it aside we face it but we do not let the wounds heal, those wounds remain is put we do not let them heal and there comes the problem again. Thank you for your support

The process of healing after we go through certain life grief and pain might not be an easy process at all but it is surely a process that we need to get through in order to enjoy life peace and sanity.

Greetings friend @ben-edom. The process to heal a wound pain, sadness takes time it is not easy to leave the sadness and pain aside it can take years to heal and possibly even a lifetime and it never heals it is always with you at all times even if you disguise it in a thousand ways, when you are not willing to forget and forgive it does not heal your pain, I say this from my own experience. Thank you for your support

hi @sandracarrascal Good advice, I also believe that keeping emotions especially frustration and anger can unbalance a person.

Greetings Professor @rubenp. I agree frustration and anger can unbalance a person, that's why it is important to know how to control our emotions, so we don't have anything to regret later. Thank you for your support.

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