Dutchman Arrested on Charges of Laundering Money with Cryptos

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One of the members of the famous "Cali Cartel" which is an organization dedicated to drug trafficking was arrested in Spain under the accusation of laundering money through the use of cryptomonies, it is known that the drug trafficker had to flee from Holland to the city of Marbella, Spain due to pressure from the authorities of that country. So far, the police have not revealed the identity of the arrested man, but some Spanish media presume that he is Mario Halley, who has a long history of money laundering.

Mario Halley is a Colombian with Dutch nationality who was taking refuge in Marbella since 2018 due to pressure from the Dutch authorities, since that time the Spanish authorities were observing him and gathering evidence, During the investigation process, the authorities discovered that the drug trafficker was first an intermediary in the transaction of merchandise (drugs) and then changed to something more delicate such as money laundering. It is presumed that the drug trafficker chose the city of Marbella because the criminal group to which he belongs has a branch in the province of Malaga.

Recently, for his laundering operations, the arrested man used crypto currencies to hide the traces of the organization, even creating a company to sell his digital assets. The authorities calculate that Mario has helped launder more than 6 million euros through the use of crypto currencies.

Money laundering is one of the most frequent uses that crypto currencies have from an illegal point of view due to the anonymity that they provide, it is almost impossible to trace the origin of the money, this is a problem that many of the users of the blockchain are aware of and know that it is the main cause of the regulation of these assets.

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