🔥 Welcome to 14,000 $ Bitcoin!

in Project HOPE3 months ago


Second time in a week that Bitcoin breaks 14,000$.
This time will hold?

Well, I don't know what the fuck will happen, and anybody else pretending to do so is lying.
I have to admit that this Alt bleeding is hurting my portfolio. It's just something I wasn't fully aware, Bitcoin can climb a lot before any Altcoin moves up too.
But eventually the money will go to Altcoins and they will pump like never before.

Luckily I also hodl some Ethereum and Bitcoin, but I am not fully satisfied with my holdings.



From my point of view this pump doesn't look healthy. However the long awaited Bitcoin pump is inevitable and it will happen sooner than later. So I have mixed emotions about this.

I think in this cases the best thing to do is stay away from the charts and enjoy some REAL LIFE.

I am happy to see Bitcoin pumping again, I just want my altcoins to joind the party!

Enjoy! 😊

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It is interesting Bitcoin is come back to the 14k level.

finally its over 14k after 3 years.
@tipu curate

good article, this is one of the things that happens very little I think it is better to bet on a rise and then a correction