🔥 Metamask's SWAP function is LIVE!

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Today I read that the Metamask wallet deployed the SWAP function between Ethereum. As you know, Metamask is the most used Ethereum crypto wallet. Lately they reported over one million monthly active users across their products, browser extension, desktop and mobile apps.

According to their words:

The recent launch of MetaMask Mobile has played an important role in bringing new users into the MetaMask community.

Onboarding mobile users is a must for any serious project, and they have done it perfectly.


This afternoon I've decided to test the new SWAP function. The process went smooth and I liked the speed and experience. I am not sure if they take any fees on this, but I can imagine this could be one of the ways then can monetize the project.

I decided to SWAP some UNI from my pool for ETH, here is how it looks:


After less than 30 seconds, depending on different factors, the conversion is done.


If you have not tried it yes, I encourage you to do so. You will be able to see how easy is to convert from one token to another without the need to go to Uniswap. Easy, fast and reliable.
Good job!

And remember, when we get the WLEO token again this will be another bridge. With the recent LeoInfra update, we hope to get more users joining Leofinance.io.

Enjoy! 😊

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It looks more like a fast transaction done on metamask compared to others avenue

Good articulation, this new option is very interesting