🔥 Is the time for Bitcoin?

in Project HOPE5 months ago


Bitcoin is getting hot again. The price has touched 11,800$ and is approaching 12,000$. The 10k resistance looks really far right now, and I think that this level of prices is quite solid.

When all the signs are screaming to buy Bitcoin it use to be too late. The whole market is ranging sideaways except Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is hard to see my bag of alts losing value against Bitcoin.


I have been bullish on Ethereum for a long time, but now I am more convinced than ever, Ethereum is here to stay. A lot of things happening on that blockchain eventhough they have insane fees.

Bitcoin and Ethereum will moon, I am 100% sure about it. What I am not sure is about when, it is too obvious that this winter should be good for crypto. And when the markets look that bullish... Big players can win a lot of money manipulating the market.

At least this is what I want. I am an addict and want to accumulate more before the bull run.

Enjoy! 😊

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Surely it definitely seems the time of bitcoin has gradually begins to approach. We might see a great thing ahead in the next few months