🔥 Happy 12th birthday BITCOIN!

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The 31th of October was the 12th Bitcoin birthday. 12 years ago Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcoin white paper, and with this a new era was born.
I like to call it the Freedom era, Bitcoin is the most empowering tool that has been created since the Internet.

The first time I heard about Bitcoin I was just listening the media and I believed their propaganda. You know, this money is used by hackers and criminals, blah, blah... I've heard the same bullshit a million times. I wish I had done more research on this before taking my own conclusions. The mass media is misleading people about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It will take time, but the truth always comes to the surface, you can't hide it.



A twitter user posted the price of Bitcoin for their birthday since 2010, here are the results:

2010: $0.19
2011: $3.25
2012: $11.20
2013: $198
2014: $336
2015: $408
2016: $697
2017: $6,447
2018: $6,320
2019: $9,170
2020: $13,902

Maybe it is just pure coincidence that the prices tend to rise, but I love the evolution. For me this price evolution shows that the design works as expected.

Since I started reading about their properties and their principles I fell in love with Bitcoin. Some days I feel like I am eating every piece of information I am able to find, I cant coun't the amount of hours I spend reading crypto related stuff.

I hope this LOVE 💛 story lasts for a long time!

Enjoy! 😊

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Happy Birthday, Bitcoin~ 🎂!
You're 12 now. I wonder how much it will be on it's 13th birthday...

I hope it will be higher! :D

hopefully by 2021 the price will double I guess with him next halving the price will go up to the sky.