🔥 Bitcoin hits a new ATH! - (In some countries)

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Well, probably this title is a little Clickbait... but it is true! There are some FIAT currencies that have depreciated so much that Bitcoin is already at peak prices. Governments are not always working for their citizens, their actions are the cause that drives the countries to bankruptcy.

There are at least 4 countries that are constantly struggling to maintain their purchasing power. I've searched the evolution of the Bitcoin price in their respective currencies. In this post you can see the results.


Let me show you some charts.

Bitcoin vs Turkish Lira (TURKEY)


Bitcoin vs Brazilian real (BRAZIL)


Bitcoin vs Venezuelan bolivar (VENEZUELA)


Bitcoin vs Argentine Peso (ARGENTINA)


It is a matter of time that we see new ATH in $ and €... FIAT currencies are constantly losing value. I am really excited for the times that are coming. Open your eyes, there are opportunities all over the place.

Enjoy! 😊

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Probably we might seen bitcoin hitting more before this year comes to an end