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Disruptive technology historically has always had detractors. The human mind has a hard time adapting to innovations, in short, it does not like change.

And I don't blame people for this, it's basically how our mind is built. But for me it is very difficult to imagine that cryptocurrencies will not end up occupying an important place in our lives. From my point of view they have all the ingredients to end up succeeding.

Today I have found a photo by The Crypto Dog in twitter that remained me this:


Even the experts in that time were saying that satellites wouldn't be helping us to improve TV and phones. How crazy is to think that nowadays?

Well, this is what I think will happen in the future when people talk about Bitcoin, they will simply don't understand how we could leave before that innovation.

At some point I also read that there were people complaining about cars when they first were invented. Now I can't imagine a life without cars, and by cars I am referring all the transport vehicles that allow us to move.

I have a deep feeling that is telling me that I should HODL more crypto. I simply can't have enough. My portfolio is looking forward for the next Crypto Spring!

Enjoy! 😊

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