How Writing is fun and Gives us Freedom

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Hello and Namaste Everyone

I hope all of you are doing good and staying safe in this tough time of the covid-19 pandemic situation.



Writing has its own fun if you enjoy it and like to share your thoughts with people. I personally believe that blogging is so much fun opportunity to share. I also think that anyone can be a blogger if he or she tries to express themselves.

How to Start with Blogging

Before writing any post we must pick the topic and take a few minutes to think and find out how much we are aware of the topic then start writing. Initially, you might feel that it's not easy but you keep on doing the same early then you will find the difference between yourself.



Nothing is easy in the first place because we are not familiar with it but when we do the same thing regularly gives us confidence and with each passing day we can improve it also explore the best I remember when I started in the first time it was not easy but now writing a post is not a big thing for me because I am familiar with it and enjoy doing it.



Speak up through your heart in Words

We all are here are trying our best to learn and share with everyone and its ok if we are having my professional certification in writing or blogging. The most important part is that we learn here by doing and not just by reading and this is what makes us better every day.



Community is going to love your content if you share what you share words from your heart and even they suggest you the ways to improve if needed so I don't find any reason to hesitate and not to enjoy this platform and the opportunity we have got through this platform.

I have been writing my blogs about various topics like life, cooking, goals, and accomplishments and also about the game as I joined splinterlands. Now since I have completed so many months doing so I like doing it and this time when the covid-19 pandemic is going then it's helping me a lot. Whenever I get then I start writing about it in the phone browser through peaked as it syncs the data between phone and laptop so I never worry about losing my draft posts. Many times it takes a couple of days for me to finish the post and every day I add a para on it.



Our life is busy and I truly understand this fact but at the same time, we need to understand that we should do what we enjoy. So now since I enjoy writing then I manage to get some time and do it. Life is to live and not to think much so in my words when I do what I like then its a form of living.

Thank you so much

Stay Safe



Hello friend, very nice publication, I agree with you once we have the habit and it becomes easier, sometimes we are betrayed by inspiration, or simply do not have a theme, but it will always be very fun and also de-stressing to write!

Good article, you're right When I started writing an article it took me a long time, but with practice you get better.

Yes. once we do it regularly then we start enjoying it. Thanks.

Yes. once we do it
Regularly then we start
Enjoying it. Thanks.

                 - reeta0119

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You did great, when I feel letting go of stuff out of my mind I find writing as the most technical way of doing such it makes me feel relaxed. Writing is a way of expressing self especially when you when want to reach out to more audience.

To me, writing is life as it brings the master piece in us out. With writing, we can express ourself perfectly.

Defnitely, writing brings out the master piece from us. Thanks.

Most times I discovered that when I write, it helps me to express my feelings and my soul deep within. Writing to be perfect in it needs more practicing

Hello @reeta0119
I think we will all agree that starting any activity usually brings its degree of complication, however, being constant makes what at first became complex then becomes easier.
I think we all do. Certainly, you have to do what you like, that makes that even if at the beginning it might be difficult, then it becomes easy and comfortable.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

I agree, and it is therapeutic as well as being relaxing. Good article.

I agree what you say. Thanks.

the process of writing and being a blogger it takes a while, but it is very entertaining and enjoyable, I personally enjoy it a lot.It is an art and I think they should issue a diploma or some degree to those of us who live exclusively from this and also those who have been in practice for years

You are right so many of us did not even know we could become good writers one day, circumstances however made us start writing and today even if we still seek improvement all the time, we are better and stronger than when we started.

Wow! this is the basic and helpful tips for writing. Thanks for sharing this.

Glad that you find it useful. thanks.

I always wrote about life happenings in books as a child but later for discouraged and stopped, the passion however rose again when I realized it could be monetized and since then I have given my skill to deliberate and consistent improvement.

Let's not forget there are tools which can greatly help our writing. For example I use and recommend Grammarly ( for text checking before publishing.
(no affiliation :) )

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