Does self-judging ourselves with high severity do us any good?

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, everything that surrounds us transmits us any feature to our personality, and it is our essential duty to be able to get the best of the best of each space-time that we live, therefore, there will be lapses or gaps in time that will try to immobilize us to the point of making us lose the necessary confidence in ourselves, and thus increase an element or factor well known to us as it is the fear.

We all feel fear at any moment of life, that is why it is a variable to consider when measuring our behavior, logically when we talk about variable we are assuming that fear can be decreased or increased in our mind, everything will depend on our attitude which must always be decisive and positive to keep fear in its minimum expression, only then we can think of achieving everything we have proposed.

Now, feeling fear for the achievement of success makes us lose our confidence proportionally to the value that we let the fear variable take, and when we lose our confidence we can make the mistake of self-judging ourselves with high severity, thus making us feel even worse, we can never allow ourselves to abandon our best ally to be successful as it is our inner self, then, it is worth asking ourselves.

Is self-judgment with high severity good for us?

The demands of the environment that surrounds us are increasingly higher and if we attack ourselves we will collapse in every way ending or blocking all directions that lead us to success, demanding is a totally normal action, however, these demands must be in accordance with our pace, and of course, in favor of strengthening all our intrinsic capabilities or those that we manage to acquire through the development of our existence.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.


Greetings @rbalzan79,

self judging ourselves with high severity may result in another level of depression along with that you have mentioned

"ending or blocking all directions that lead us to success, demanding is a totally normal action"

it will do no good for ourselves

Judging ourselves too harshly can result in another level of depression along with the one you mentioned.

It is totally true what you express, thank you for each of your words. Greetings.

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