Short success stories of some millionaires

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We cannot be submerged in failure stories, we must look for success stories and follow those examples, that is why I bring you the success stories of some millionaire entrepreneurs.

Sara Blakely, currently owns $ 610 million, made her first million dollars after founding an underwear brand called SPANX. The success of her company is due to the fact that Sara, after failing her university entrance exam, was looking for a company to develop pantyhose that she had designed, but she realized that most companies were run by men. so she decided to undertake, it was impossible for her to see the success of so many men when they did not understand about women's underwear, so she assumed that her success was guaranteed and it was.

Jack Cowin, lived in Australia in the 60s and was Canadian so he went regularly go to the United States so he saw the public's taste for fast food, he looked for 30 investors and each one of them gave him 10 thousand dollars, enough to mount the first KFC in Australia, after that success followed with Burger King, today it has a fortune of 3.5 billion dollars.

Kim Beom-Su, was born into an average family and paid for college by giving private classes, he tells that he had to skip meals because he did not have enough money, he graduated as an engineer in Seoul and is a fan of video games, so he developed the Hangame platform, the first platform in South Korea for online games, is currently worth $ 11 billion.



Zhou Qunfei, is the richest woman in China with 12,500 million dollars but before that she made bamboo baskets to survive because she was orphaned of mother and her father was blind from fighting in the war, at age 16 she emigrated to a big city China and she worked and studied all she could until at the age of 22, she started a business in an apartment, it was about making watch faces, so one day TCL appeared at her door and gave her a contract to manufacture screens for mobile phones. From then on everything was a success for his Lens technology company.

None of these people were born with wealth, they all worked hard for that first million dollars, they saw an opportunity and took it, if they have something in common it is hard work, I think we should work hard and be very attentive to opportunities.

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Hi @ramsesuchiha
Hard work often ends up yielding good results, although not always, there are that things that can limit growth. You have to be smarter than strong when it comes to work, to be able to see opportunities and take advantage of them.

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This is very inspirational and motivating to listen to and we need to believe that with hard work couple with prayer, we can hit the long height

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Come-up stories are very captivating however we often miss out the process of growth or the sacrifices it took to move from point A to B.

If anything these people show it is possible to change the outcome of your life if you are willing to do so.

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It is so inspiring to see those people who started from almost nothing and made their way to wealth, hard work, smartness and some luck(Not really necessary) is all what it takes to succeed.

Thank you for reading