The right traits needed to run a business successfully

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You may be going into business and you are just so nervous about what the business is going to bring to the table for you, you are just completely hopeless about what you may have to do. Alright just calm down, it is not as if I am an expert in any way but I sure do know of certain traits you have to possess as the CEO of your company, maybe just like me, the name CEO rings a bell that speaks of volumes of responsibilities and it gets you scared but just chill a little bit, it is a role filled with responsibilities yes but you can run it properly without any issue (just trust yourself).


Take Suggestions from Team Members.

Just like you were thinking yes it is a whole lot of responsibility to become a CEO, it goes beyond just being able to smile at the camera, grant interviews and wear nice suites to work, it requires lots and lots of thinking and the first way to succeed is by being able to carry your team members along, there is nothing as disastrous as always thinking you can do everything on your own, that is a terrible mistake to be made. You are the CEO does not mean you can do everything by yourself, you are the CEO means you can take the final decision but that includes receiving advise from different team members and then sieving out the truth from them.


A good CEO must have lots of patience, every leader at one point or the other must be ready to tolerate any form of disrespect from anyone, patience is necessary to run the race of a CEO. I am sure you don’t want to be that CEO that is always angry at little things, it is not healthy for your business.

The ability to learn from mistakes.

A man is not a failure because he failed once, a man is only a failure when he fails and he continues to fall into the trap of the same thing that made him fail initially.

Above is an old quote my teacher always tells me, a CEO must be able to pick out vital lessons from every mistake and quickly forge ahead to do something better.

Courage to remain strong.

At every point of failure, members of staff may be highly discouraged, but a CEO needs to be able to stay courageous for the rest of the team and always speak positive words of encouragement that will revive their spirit.


Great article. That patience attribute is really necessary because at times the business might not be moving as wished and also to tolerate some workers behavior at times

That's the truth, patience is highly necessary thanks for reading.

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@papa-mensa all the points you have mentioned are very valid point we need to have proper skills and knowledge to run the business if we do it properly with ethics we will always grow.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Hello @papa-mensa, the journey is certainly going to be so disturbing and frustrating sometimes that only patience can see us through.

Very well, thanks for reading.

Failure is consistent in the resume of a successful person. For CEOs the courage to continue after failing is important. So many attributes are essential in making a good CEO. Great post @papa-mensa

Leaders always bear a lot of responsibility; they must always be on top of things so they can't do everything. It is essential that they keep their eyes open and can keep the business afloat. All these characteristics are very accurate, patience is a great gift for anyone.

Leaders have a lot of task to carry out and it is really demanding, thanks for reading.

Hard to go wrong with your mention of team. Leadership and the individual who has invested the most is certainly important. But, business is about people.

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