How not to miss the Peak of a Bull Run

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Many people haven't experienced a bull market, while others have seen a couple of it. Personally I have seen one and I goofed totally, hence I'm trying as much as I can to orientate newbies like me when i first experienced a market surge late 2017. There are many things you could recover from, buying the top of a bullrun is not one of them because you will be forever pained and the tokens acquired might never attained their last ATH if they have a flopped road map and real life use cases.

So when is the actual Bull Run starting? The truth is, nobody could answer that because many crypto holders and users are still skeptical, if this the real price surge or just a partial Bullrun involving few Cryptos notably Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin and a few other tokens more. However, a few other low cap tokens are experiencing their ATH which still makes it all looks like a massive price surge.

Still on the question if this really a Bull Market or its just what looks like it. In a massive market surge Where every tokens do high numbers in terms of their market caps ans prices and not just a few. I'll say its a partial yes, and also not very certain considering how majority of cryptocurrencies are not joining the price surge. Most All Time High prices are still way far behind to be toppled and only a massive general market rush, that is; every token with healthy economy and trading volumes and with a market capitalization irrespective of how little they might be will surge in price. So that only mean one thing, the real market surge is not here yet.

Now how do you not miss the Top of the Bull? The top being when you take your profits and spend, or when you swap yours into Stable Coins to buy back in a plunging bottoming market crash. Its simple, not everyone will be opportuned to sell at the very peak of the market, but everyone can take massive gains/profits.

The only thing to do is set a price target, it could be double, triple or quadruple or times twenty of your investment capital and sell once you reach that target irrespective of the phase of the price surge. You can sell all, or sell in percentages, that's how you will not FOMO completely. These advice are from personal experiences, and not a financial advice. You can take another approach different from mine but make sure you don't miss out completely on your massive gains due to wrong planning!