The New Space Race- An Exciting Time in Our History

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Outer space is the final frontier, and a combination of political will and technology maturity are propelling us there.

Companies including SpaceX, Blue Origin and Boeing are pushing to commercialize space travel, and are focusing on reducing waste and monitizing the endeavor. During the space race of the 1960s that climaxed as the United States put men on the Moon in 1969, many technologies were developed including lasers, velcro and transistors that impact us 50-years later. With today's commercial space race, more technology will be developed including space travel waste-reduction and efficiencies.

Space tourism is a driving economic incentive that will propel technology in the space exploration sector. This is the catalyst for innovation, and why experts and analysts are excited about space exploration in this age. The push to put travelers into space for cheap is driving publically-traded companies to innovate. It costs millions to put a person into space and new methodologies are bringing this cost down.

Other more fantastic commerical endeavors in space include asteroid mining, exploitation and even deep-space travel and exploration. The commerical space industry will drive innovation and other industries will benefit. Government entities including NASA have been offering incentives for companies to pursue space travel, and recently NASA offered a bounty for Moon rocks. This is a good sign of support for the commercial space industry. Governments must incentivize and subsidize space travel and toursim technologies so we can take the next step as a species into outer space.

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Space is a fun topic. I like your post @myblurtrides1.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

It is interesting that we are moving into space!

It is about time.

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