The Rainbow Mountains of China are among one of the geological wonders of the world!

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The Rainbow Mountains of China are located in Landform Geological Park in Gansu province of China and are covered over 200 square miles in Northwest of China. These are considered as one of the geological wonders of the world.There are strange colors on these mountains. It looks like that someone has painted the rainbow on top of these mountains.

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The strange color of these mountains is due to specific geological deposition. These are actually sandstones and cretaceous siltstones which got deposited before the formation of Himalayan Mountains. Due to this deposition, iron and other trace minerals got mixed in sand and silt and specific rainbow color is formed on these mountains.

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Over millions of years, the sedimentary mineral deposits got layered on this deposition and these colors became more prominent. Due to weathering effect, iron reacted with oxygen and water and converted into iron oxide, as a result, dark red color appeared on mountains.

This process of natural erosion lasted for around 24 million years and distinct layers of brilliant colors got deposited on these mountains making them mind blowing.

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It is incredible how a geological process of millions of years gives us such an impressive and beautiful natural beauty expressed in those mountains in the country of China.

Greetings and thanks for sharing

Geology is very interesting field and its transformations has developed into many beautiful structures around the world.

This is really beautiful, it has a sparkling attractive view.

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