The great importance of social media to every available business

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In business, demand is highly necessary, irrespective of the competition in place a person that has the highest demand owns the market. This is another case for social interaction and building social media presence for your business, a social media presence that has quality interaction will result in a deep and healthy growth for your business as well.


Business these days is not about demand it is rather about how many people you have been able to place yourself in their presence and how many people can affiliate themselves with your business, this is a serious need to build an active business customer base. Businesses who are trying to ignore the yielding growth of social media, are not ready to grow because social media adds a great additional yield to a business.

Social media has given every business the leverage to pass a message to a thousand people at the same time rather than meeting with clients one after another, if there is something that can help you cover a thousand client at the same time, what then will not make you go for it and with social media, news even travel farther than your dreams and imaginations so the news will definitely get across to some potential customers you might not even think could patronize you.

There is always a battle of visibility in business, because people only get to know what they are aware of its availability, if people do not know about your existence then you have no way to even get them to become loyal customers at all, it is getting them to know you that works best and after they know your product, then they can decide to try out your product and from there even choose to make them more than a one-time customer.


A good example to describe this occurrence is an example given by Dan Lok, imagine two people have great and brilliant business ideas to present to the world and while one person gets on stage to present his idea to the entire population, the other person stands within the audience to talk to available prospect one after the other between these two men, it is the person who gets in front of the conference room to present his business idea to the entire population that gets their attention while this speaker will speak loud and cover the entire population at the same time, the other person who has a great business idea as well will cover less audience.

This example above gives an amazing description of what the blockchain tries to offer to every person that has a business idea, leveraging on the idea of covering a large audience is what social media creates and a good business takes advantage of this properly.


Good article, what social network do you recommend me to promote a book ?

Personally I feel YouTube is a good place for that but please make your research first.

Hello friend, without a doubt social networks, give visibility to our businesses, we just have to know how to handle them with prudence.

See you later, happy weekend! 🤝

Social networks indeed add an advantage to our business happy weekend.

Social media is truly available for anyone who needs it but we need to clearly defined the functions social media has on our business and how we can take advantage of it to make it grow.

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