Ways Of Motivating & Inspiring Your Employees - Part 2

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 2 of this amazing topic. If you haven't read the Part 1, I strongly suggest you that by clicking here. Make your employees happy and your bank statement will be smiling too. Employees are very vital to the success of any business/firm/company. In this article I will be revealing two more ways you can motivate and inspire your employees to work smarter and better for you. So sit back and look for somewhere quite quiet and comfortable as you read through this amazing article I created just for you.


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Care About Their Future

A whole lot of employers and managers don't this. They show no interest about their employees, they see them as work tools and nothing more. But when you show care about your employees future, they feel important and recognized by you and will like to impress you in whatever way they can, so you keep showing interest in them. Organize seminars, send them to important and impactful conferences. They will tend to learn more from those conferences and seminars and will like to keep going for such events, hence, they will be working harder and better for you because they know and feel you deserve the best from them since you show them so much care. I know lots of people who have quitted their jobs because they don't feel recognized by their managers and employers. And I also know of some people who don't want to leave an organization because of how they are treated and respected there and how they show concern about their future. They have gotten better offers but they stick with the managers and employers that they are happy to work for. KPMG for example, is one company that shows care for their employees future. KPMG is one of the top 5 accounting firms in the world today. In Nigeria branches, as soon as you get employed they give you two years to become a Chartered Accountant. They pay for tutors and examination fees to encourage their employees to become Chartered. Most of their workers don't leave, they retire with them and offer their best during their time with them, because they know that they deserve the very best from them. Show care for your employees today and you will shocked just how well they will respond to such treatment.


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Big Decisions

Whenever a company wants to make a big decision they should always include their employees in such decisions. They employees should have voice when it comes to such decisions because they are the people actually carrying out the day-to-day business activities. But if they are left out of big decisions they feel disconnected and irrelevant to their managers and their employers. Imagine, if an(a) employer/manager wants his employees to be resuming work by 6am from 8am before. They just announce it and wants full cooperation from employees, it can not work. And if the employees starts coming, they will be unmotivated and uninspired, thereby their productivity level will drop. But if you call for a meeting and appeal with them and hear their thoughts about such arrangement, they may feel bad for some moments but they will carry on happy because their employers and managers showed them the respect to include them in big decisions that concerns them too. Keep your employees motivated and inspired by involving them in big decisions.


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Let me leave you guys with this amazing quote from Ari Weinzweig;

If you don’t create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work. Source



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Well said. When employee are involved in making big decision at times. It make them to feel that they are valued and there is this sense of importance they feel that they company and employer has for them which is benefiting in motivating them to put in more effort

Exactly, that feeling of been valued is very much needed by employees. You nailed the comment, smiles.

Thanks for coming around @mandate

It is said that employees are the soul of large companies, and if we see the culture of companies like Google where they care about the welfare of the employee does not make us think about the distance that exists in the work environments of countries like Germany or USA with the work environment of Latin countries where the employee is one more tool that can be changed.

Same with Africa, employees are seen as tools and nothing more. It is the multi-national companies that are best around this region because they carry the culture of their parent company. That's why European, Asia and North America countries are progressing rapidly because their workers work with passion because of the care shown to them by the companies.

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It is important to let our employees know how much we care about their well-being and not just what they can offer us.