Why All of us can't be Rich??

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One thing to be frankly speaking that we are all pursuing as far as human being is concerned is that we are all chasing after money.

Truth be told, we might either want to accept it or deny it but that's one of the major truth we all deny oursleves knowing at times. Some might say they are chasing after family, after passion, after hobby, after what they love but coming back home, everything point down to money.

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A family which is wretchedly poor is a Fustration and depression on its own. Passion will not be conveniently pursue if the productivity result of the passion is poverty.

And many more we all want to be rich and that's the sense of truth. We admire people who have gotten there, who have attain that status of been regarded as a rich man/woman or wealthy man/woman as anyone we want to refer one to.

But the truth is even though all of us desire to be rich, at the end of the day, not all of us can be rich. That's the reality of life.

Imagine a scenario where everyone is rich, money loses its value. Imagine everybody is rich, life loses its importance to some people.

We all desire to be rich but at the end of the day, not all of us can be rich. And I begin to wonder why can't we all be rich.

I will like to hear your contribution about it.

Why All of us can't be Rich

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Not all people pursue that purpose of being rich, I think this generation seeks more to be economically free and in that sense we all can be, the figure of the millionaire is not something that takes away the dream of people, in my opinion wealth also has its problems that thanks to technology we can see those problems in artists who fall into depression and take their lives, on the other hand a free life is what makes the human being can enjoy their passage through this world.

Greetings @madate.

Great content that you share with us in this opportunity, actually you are absolutely right when you express that we can not all be rich, if that happened who would work the other if we are all rich, this would make money meaningless.

I really believe that the most important thing is to be able to live comfortably covering our basic needs and beyond, thanks for sharing with all of us such interesting content.

Everyone in life cannot be rich as it all depends on karma , everything id predefined. Who will get what in life.

Definitely it is not possible for everyone to become rich, there are people who will never be able to cross the path of wealth and that is for various reasons.

Hello friend, I really believe that many people want to be rich and have a better quality of life, but few do something about it and do something to make it happen. We must be congruent with what we want and what we do, otherwise it is useless. Success is built by working, not just thinking. Greetings!

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