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Today my father came home in desperation and said to me, "My phone is dead, my cell phone is dead! I immediately called him and it sounded normal. I started to listen to what he was telling me, and he told me that his phone sent him a message saying that he had to free up memory and he deleted something by accident. I started to check and the missing phone was the blessed WhatsApp.

My father is over 68 years old and technology is not his forte, but it entertains him! So much so that he walked about 5 km for me to check his phone, he's addicted! When I installed the app again his smile was very big. Incredible satisfaction and he told me he got his phone back.

On a personal note, I have been reflecting a lot on whatsapp. Sometimes I feel such a burden that, lately I have even deleted my avatar and the reading conformation, because, even if it seems crazy, how life has affected us that double blue sheck, and oh my god that they leave us in sight, all a drama sometimes.

We are inevitably facing a real change of communication that we must analyze and balance so that it does not really take away our peace. It is no secret that it is a quick way to reach another person, regardless of place and time, economical, fast, it allows sharing in groups, doing business, listening to another person without having to make a call, in short, many possibilities.

But it can also generate negative aspects, and it is not in the application, but in how we are feeling when we use it. We are even getting used to seeing the lives of others in silence in the statuses! And this is generating dependence for many, and if you do not know how to handle it, it is the very feeling generated by the anxiety of quitting drugs.

In addition, it has generated a need for immediate answers, You are online and you don't answer me! And that increases anxiety, nerves, insecurity and even depression. Face-to-face contact definitely cannot be replaced. And how many relationship problems are even being generated?

We must work a lot on our emotions to understand the effects of these new media, and believe me that personally I think it is a strong work, because it is creating dependence and addiction.

" In the website Infobae.com, Erika Villavicencio Ayub specialist of the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explained that the exaggerated use of this application causes a brain reaction associated with the production of dopamine. As a consequence, people experience pleasure in every use of this technological tool. ".

Source: Dependency to Whatsapp, the new addiction of the 21st century- Medicine and Public Health



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Whatsapp like many apps and the phone has become part of our life, and this will grow as we indicate that they are tools that we need, before we did not need it because we did not know it and today they made it necessary for our consumption, to the point of creating an almost terrifying dependence. But it is part of the technology that surrounds us, your dad is lucky to have you.
thanks for the contribution

Hi @lynnmargullys, the use of WhatsApp in our lives can become additive to the point that when you don't have access to it you feel like you are missing something indispensable and feel incomplete. At least in my social circle I have already seen several cases referring to it, there are times I don't give it importance, as I feel that everything is a matter of habit and then they will return to reality or at least I hope so. Greetings

Indeed, let's hope that this is not the case... anything that generates dependence we must know how to handle it... Thank you for your visit!

Technology as a means of communication has really help us and alot are addicted to it no doubt. The major reason some people especially me cannot do without WhatsApp is that, that is where my group chat in school is and without it I will not be able to receive information. if not for this important reason, I can say I am far from been addicted to it reason been that there is alot of school workload for me to do and cover, received lecture from morning till evening sometimes and side hustling by the time am free when I will just want to do is rest and sleep.

How nice that you have found balance in other daily actions... thanks for your comment.


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Hello @lynnmargullys ,it true that we are getting more addicted to this social network but i don't think we can do without it in our present generation although it have both positive and negative impact in our daily lifestyle. I also support you that our emotion have to be well control to have the best of this social network .

Thanks for shearing.

Of course, since we can't control every technological advance, we can look for our inner balance because that's where our power lies... a hug

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