What is your relationship with nature?

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Most animals evolved to maintain a balanced relationship and function in nature. That is why we see that even the smallest ant maintains important actions in an ecosystem that contribute to the natural cycles and keep the synergy stable.

Humanity has distinguished itself from other animals not only by certain anatomical structures, but also by the impact it has had on it. The search for knowledge has led us to create techniques that have made us more comfortable every day, but which have altered the environment.


It doesn't take much thought to realise that we have been the only ones to modify our environment to suit our needs. In this way, we did not survive by natural selection, as we modified the environment to our requirements. In addition to this, the same cultural evolution has made us abandon the functions, perhaps of seed disseminators or population controllers like our ancestors, which has been intervened by items or food production to avoid hunting and manual gathering.

That human who used to live in nature, now sees this contact as a holiday getaway or a time of relaxation as he or she immersed in comfort and capitalism. Science, which today tells us that we must take action to cultivate a green world, has also created situations that have ended the lives not only of humans, but also of those species that come from our ancestral tree.

Sometimes we believe that by teaching our children not to litter we are creating a different world; however, most of our practices are destroying it and we are only aware of it when we feel its force and our brothers and sisters die.



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One thing about nature is it is always free to move with anyone as far as one is ready to adapt to it. Like a popular say that you don't surrender to nature but you adapt to nature. Adapting to nature hives you the privilege to live in nature

Indeed, what you say is true and what all other species do. Man is the animal that does the opposite, with the aim of surviving... Best regards

Hello friend, you pointed out something in your article that caught my attention and it is the following "We modify the environment to our needs" is something that is completely true, we begin by destroying our ecosystems, unfortunately when we do agriculture for example we are invading natural ecosystems we transform them, and the practices that we apply do not protect the biodiversity of the system to have an ecological production, that is just an example of the invasion of the systems by the human being.

Good article, have a great start of the week.

Excellent contribution @amestyj ... and the worst thing is that we consider pests the species that like us need to eat and we end their existence.... A holocaust? what real value does the life of other living beings have for us? Thanks for reading

Greetings @lynnmargullys, nature should be considered of vital importance to all human beings, not only for its beauty, but for all the benefits it gives us. However, it is something that with the passing of time and the advancement of technology we have left aside.

The more comfort we have, the further our practices are from achieving a better planet... even if we talk about green technologies, they all bring negative consequences... man is the animal that demonstrates a much diminished level of belonging. Thank you for your contribution!

This writeup what reading, well done bro.
We should all note that the ecosystem is interrelated not independable. We all depend on one another for survive..

What an apt comment, indeed everything is part of a network and if something is damaged the system does not work in balance. The rest of the species has broken its equilibrium because of our actions and we are all paying the consequences.... Thank you for your contribution

Even though my relationship with nature is pretty good but I am sad to admit that I am not a green-conscious guy as in India everything is done via plastic bags and no matter how much you try to avoid plastics it will end up on your doorstep one way or another.

Well, the important thing is to evaluate our actions and try to take conscience to correct them... accepting is part of growing up and maturing... thank you for your excellent contribution...

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