Noise pollution a major problem of evolution and biological adaptation

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Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has been catalogued as the greatest problem that has affected modern society in the last two decades, in this manuscript I wanted to address one of the problems that year after year threatens the existence of human beings and their own evolutionary and adaptive process, but paradoxically, it is an issue that has not received the relevance that we have given to Covid-19, since it is a problem that has been little addressed by states, health institutions and medical professionals.

Now, Noise pollution is the problem that year after year threatens the existence of human beings and their own evolutionary process, this problem of sonic origin has been interpreted as abnormal noise that affects the quality of life of people, animals and plants, in our particular case there is scientific evidence that shows that noise pollution causes multiple negative effects on human health.

Fig. 2 Loudspeakers and music amplifiers generate extreme noise associated with noise pollution. Image of public domain, Author: Tommyvideo, 2020

Among the multiple negative effects generated by noise pollution on human health, the following pathological conditions are detailed: acceleration of the pulse, respiratory agitation, aggressiveness, anxiety, colitis, depression, decreased ability to concentrate, headache, stress, fatigue, gastritis, hysteria, heart attacks, irritability, blood pressure, as well as deafness and constant ringing in the ears.

In this sense, although noise pollution is a serious environmental pollutant that affects the quality of life of people on a global scale, it is important to point out that this delicate problem has been erroneously interpreted as a subjective component, since modern society assumes it to be a simple sensitivity of people to extreme noise.

Fig. 3 Anthropogenic activities generate noise pollution. Image of public domain, Author: Stux, 2013

It is known that extreme noise is unpleasant and annoying, however, a little known fact is that from the physiological point of view, the ear needs more than 16 hours of rest to compensate for two hours of acoustic exposure, and even more serious is that recently researchers from the University of Cambridge have determined that noise pollution affects the way in which a species will evolve, develop and adapt over time.


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The cover image was designed by the author: @lupafilotaxia, incorporating the public domain image background: Congerdesign, 2017

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Hello @lupafilotaxia
The problem and consequences of noise pollution have not really been given the importance they deserve, as you yourself say.
It is important to draw attention to it, as well as to raise awareness of this problem and its consequences, which are not minor for health.
Excellent article.
Best regards.

Hi @janettyanez, raising awareness should be a strategy to develop, because as you say, noise pollution has not really been given the importance it deserves, however, I believe that measures should be taken in this respect, as there are research reports that show the impact on our evolutionary and adaptive process, an element that was unknown in the past. Thanks for visiting the blog.

Greetings my friend. Sound pollution has terrible effects on people, it easily stresses us out, alters our emotional state, affects our heart rate, not to mention affecting our concentration and productivity, but it seems to be accepted as part of progress, it is worrying that it can also have negative effects on the way species will evolve.

Hello friend Emilio.

That last element, related to the affectation to the evolutionary process and adaptation in the species, was precisely what encouraged me to upload the content. Thanks for your appreciation.

That why is good to listen to music that can relax your body with some good vibrations.

Hello @chesatochi

Good point, so it is the ideal for health is to listen to a level that our auditory and neurological system can interpret as relaxing. Thank you for your accurate comment.

Greetings @lupafilotaxia I was unaware of the effect that sonic pollution had on some species, including man, I was used to point it out as annoying and annoying as I did not know these pathologies. Thanks for the contribution

Greetings Professor Bernardo.

Noise pollution is indeed the one that generates the greatest number of pathologies in human beings, but unfortunately, nothing is done to balance this situation, and science is beginning to reveal that it also affects our evolutionary process.

Hello friend, an interesting topic, I agree noise pollution is a big problem but unfortunately people do not see it that way or rather do not know everything that can affect us at the health level. I think it is important to educate people so that they can assume the situation and take care of themselves a little more.

Hello @franyeligonzalez, I estimate of disinterest of people for noise pollution, is associated with the constant omission that make the states, health institutions and the same professionals of the medina regarding this delicate issue. Kind regards.

Greetings dear friend @lupafilotaxia.

As usual you share with us another great content, this time related to noise pollution and its effect on all of us.

Daily we can witness this fact of noise pollution, where it is very important to highlight what you express:

Noise pollution is the problem that year after year threatens the existence of human beings and their own evolutionary process, this problem of sonic origin has been interpreted as an abnormal noise that affects the quality of life of people, animals and plants, in our particular.

In fact a great article that allows us to take into account this important aspect present in our lives as is the pollution of sound waves outside the audible range both for us and for other living species of this planet.

Hello Professor Richard.

Exactly, the element of major concern precisely, the affectation also on animal and plant populations. Best regards, thanks for reading. Be well.

Hi @lupafilotaxia
Noise seems to be something that is seen as "normal" nowadays in the society we live in.
Everything makes tremendous noise and it doesn't seem to matter. Cars with big sound systems are very sought after lately, that seems to say that the louder the better. It's absurd, but that's how it is.
How many hours of rest does the ear need? I didn't know that fact.

Hello friend @josevas217

Exactly, historically the human being makes extreme actions that affect him the most something normal. It seems that as a species we have adapted to the conditions of modernity, however, our biological system is deteriorating at an accelerated rate, and we only manage to medicate ourselves with drugs, without going to solve the problems that are causing our health problems. Best regards. We will keep reading.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems that we are going through and we need to take it seriously. I see lots of people playing loud music at home and in cars and even using loud horns in vehicles. Some people don't realize the problem but at older age it creates many health issues.

It is known that extreme noise is unpleasant and annoying

this is right and people must understand the complication of this if it continues for long. nice post my friend.

@tipu curate

Greetings @alokkumar121, I agree with you the effects on our health, are appreciated precisely in advanced age, as noise pollution causes progressive problems. Thanks for leaving your appreciation, and for supporting the article. Be well.

not only noise pollution is the problem, radiation pollution is one of the most affecting human beings and the creatures that follow the magnetism of the earth, the human being in his evolutionary path changes his environment to live better no matter what he destroys on his way.

Greetings friend @trabajosdelsiglo

Good point, the human being destroys everything in its path, and based on this behavior, it has changed and decreased its biological cycle, deteriorating its immunity as it adapts to the polluting conditions you describe. Thanks for your comment, best regards.

Every city is facing this challenge of noise polution. We need to regulate some new law regarding this to keep noise pollution at low level otherwise it will create huge harm in future.

Noise pollution is something we consider almost insignificant but has been having a serious effect on the health for a long time now.

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