Things to keep in mind before and while investing in cryptocurrencies

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Many people already started joining the investing world, and many others are still looking forward to it, but they feel that they are quite confused and don't know what to do exactly, and of those people was my friend so I told him there are many things that you should keep in your mind while you are investing and others before you do, so this post is mainly for those who are planning to get some advice before they start their journey.

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Before you invest in crypto

  1. It's okay to spend much time studying crypto, market, and investment too.

  2. Be ready mentally for any future loss, because you aren't just guaranteed to win every time.

  3. Don't keep following the signaling groups/channels blindly, take some advice from them but always be careful before you put your money anywhere ( First point)


Those aren't the only things you should know but at least ones of the most important things for you and your future. Now coming for the things that you should be careful of after investing and also might be a reminder for those who already started before some time.

  1. Invest a max of 5% of your capital because little winning or loss is better than a risky win or loss, and in another way only invest what you can afford to lose.

  2. Don't ever get too excited when you invest, like not being able to focus on anything in like but what you invested such as keep checking your money or phone every few minutes.

  3. Don't annoy the people around you about cryptos and investing if they aren't into it, because the too much nagging on their head might push them to just spend money blindly on something that's for sure going to lose, and guess what they will blame you immediately after.

  4. Don't panic sell, because if you have studied the market well you will know you are about to make a huge mistake just selling immediately if you the coin's value you are investing in going down (For sure not for sh*t coins)

In conclusion

All those were just simple tips to keep in mind before and after investing but it's never enough for you to start with, also might be a reminder of those who lost recently because they got greedy or might have missed one of the main things to avoid while investing, but it is okay to bounce back and keep going, one by one you will regain all your losses don't worry.


Cryptocurrency is getting more popular and this also means that a lot of people are putting their money into it, knowledge like this is really necessary for everyone to benefit from.

Thanks for reading and glad my post can be helpful.

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