Shall you get the costly products or quality products?

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When you are looking to buy something and you're on a budget, you will start researching to get the best thing you are looking for at an affordable price. Still, other people believe that everything expensive is way better than any cheaper version of that particular thing, but are they right?

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People who usually buy the most expensive piece of everything no matter if they can handle the price or not, or if it's going to affect their budget in the long term or not, believe that since it's the most expensive, then it's the best, they actually have a point here because usually anything with higher price then it costed more to be made due to the better material quality, but that's not always the case.

When you see something with a very famous brand, then you will expect a high price because simply you are also buying the brand name, which some people actually wear many brands on them to flex and show people they got money and that's where the famous brands get their money from.

Limited editions


Anyone of us might have passed through news or social media posts that someone bought a particular thing like sneakers, a watch...etc. With an unbelievable price which will seem ridiculous for many and interesting for others but actually it is just a smart marketing move famous brands do so it will encourage some people to d whatever to buy their limited edition product because that person will be sure he is the only one having that product which also makes no sense for me because I believe products shall be bought for their main purpose not to brag with them.

Why shall we research before buying anything

It is really a simple answer, getting the best product available at the best price because the thing you bought will do its job at its finest while you also saved money for other things you have planned to buy or invest instead of using all your money on one thing.

In conclusion

I think spending some time researching would be better in the long run; you will have more and more control over yourself and your budget too, also giving yourself some time or maybe days thinking if the thing is really a need for you or you want it for no reason.


I agree with you, when buying instead of choosing only for the brand and assuming that because it is expensive it is of quality, the best we can do is dedicate a little research to find the best benefit / price ratio. PS: if you allow me a tip, use the layout techniques and the use of images to make your publications more attractive, best regards @lennyblogs

Thanks for reading, commenting and the tip, I will check your posts and try to understand more on what you mean by layout techniques and see if it fits my style of blogging. Thanks again!

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