How best to invest in Crypto

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The market is stabilizing as a lot of coins have started seeing green. The prices of coins are still on an upward trend, which has brought a lot of smiles and joy to many people's hearts. The crypto market capitalization has recently surged, which is a sign that things might be stabilizing as the past few months have seen many people lose half of their crypto assets value in their wallets.



Bitcoin crossed 24k dollars for the first time in weeks, and the momentum is still increasing as it is forecasted to break the 25k dollars mark in days. This has left the opportunity for some bad actors whose aim is to capitalize on the recent occurrence in the market. New projects spring up in the crypto market whenever the market is mooning.

Most of these projects are built on hype and are not a wise investment. Most of these crypto project ends up collapsing, thereby resulting in rekt. The problems are poor infrastructure and no use case. These scenarios are what prompted the publication of this article.

Here are tips on how to get the best value from a crypto investment :

  • Invest in a project with a good use case
  • Research the people behind the Project
  • Monitor the road map
  • Ignore the hype on a project
  • Focus on the sustainability strategy of the team.

The highlighted points will not only prevent a case of you from investing in a fake project but also help one determine a strong reliable projects that will stand the test of time. What's your thought on these highlighted points? I would like to read your opinion in the comment box.


greetings @lebey1
I am already beginning to appreciate a little better the panorama of the crypto market, it seems that the winter is already passing, no doubt that the recommendations raised are and good for all of us who are in this world, we must put them into practice with great caution.
Thank you very much for sharing

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Yay more Crypto! So much more than money.
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