Hackers || Stay focused, calm and move quickly to anticipate your account.

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How is everyone?

What will we do if hackers try to break into our account and try to take important data that we have. One of them tried to log into our email account to hack it.


You are obliged to secure your email account and other services that contain important data that you have. Be vigilant and take care not to be hacked by hackers. Your main key is to stay focused and don't panic when you realize hackers are trying to break into your email or other important services.

Fast and precise steps are the determinants so that you do not experience big losses. a very fatal risk if you underestimate the expertise of hackers.

Some of you must have experienced incidents when you can't log into your account or you can't log in to your account. it means, hackers are trying to log in to change your password and trying to take full control of your account.

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That's why you stay calm about it, don't panic and stay focused on being able to overcome hackers taking over your email account or other services that contain your important data. you can do the following ways and at least your account remains safe before hackers change everything first.

  • Anticipate quickly such as, resetting your password or account password and if it is done quickly, chances are hackers don't have much time to take over your account like email accounts and other services.

  • Notify the people closest to you such as family, relatives and co-workers in order to prevent fraud on your behalf.

  • You should immediately scan your laptop or mobile phone using antivirus software to prevent or make sure the laptop or mobile phone you are using is free of malware.

  • You immediately contact the account service support and immediately try to restore access to your hacked account.

  • You should use two-factor authentication.

  • Exclude all other users when you see unknown logins and are in unknown places on the list.

At least we all have tried to always be able to anticipate so that all of our accounts remain safe and well maintained. Do not let all our hard work that we have fought for months and even years just disappear in the hands of hackers.

Hopefully my post this time can be a memory for all of us, hopefully what we are fighting for during this time will be a very meaningful achievement gift for all of us.

Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for reading it too. Hopefully we can all achieve the goals we once aspired to for our future, our families and those closest to us.


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