Sales, a profession that is not for everyone

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Hello Project HOPE friends, best wishes to everyone this weekend. I want to tell you something that I have thought, since for some time I worked here in Bogotá as a salesman for a hardware products company, and although at times I did it before studying medicine, when I arrived here it was quite a challenge, because it was selling products. from an area I didn't know, in a city I didn't know as well as in a new culture.

Although many talk about sales as one of the best ways to generate income, wherever, the reality is that I believe that it is not something that is for everyone, since not everyone has the willingness to develop in this difficult commercial area. Although it can be very profitable, it is something quite complicated to do.


The idea of ​​selling products or services may seem attractive, but the reality is that this activity requires a specific set of skills, attitudes and emotional resilience that not everyone possesses. I want to mention some things that I had to develop to be able to do this job as a salesperson, and I would like to know if you have anything else to add.

Sales requires excellent communication skills. A good salesperson must be able to listen, understand their customers' needs, and clearly articulate how their product or service can meet those needs. And it is a reality that not everyone has the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively. Introverts or those who feel uncomfortable interacting with strangers may find sales particularly challenging.

On the other hand, it must have a high resistance to rejection. As a salesperson you face a "no" frequently, and it is important not to take it personally. This constant rejection can be demoralizing and frustrating. Without a strong and resilient mindset, it is easy to become discouraged and lose motivation. Not everyone has the ability to overcome negativity and move forward with the same energy and enthusiasm. It is a reality, I had to live it, and it is quite strong, to tell the truth.


Other aspects necessary to have and develop are the Ability to Adapt, because we will constantly face very different situations and clients. This flexibility is not something that everyone naturally possesses. Some people prefer predictable structures and routines, and may find it difficult to adapt to the dynamic nature of sales. We also have to know the product that we are going to sell, because if not, how do we offer it?, this seems to be quite clear.
And you have to know how to properly manage time, because you usually work with weekly, biweekly or monthly goals, which means you have to be very aware of time, to be able to know when we are doing well and when we are not.

Surely you can mention some additional things to what I have left here, I would like to know them, greetings, and have a good weekend.


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I agree with you buddy, the fact that it sounds like an interesting and profiting venture doesn't mean everyone can get into it. Understanding our strengths and limitations as humans too is essential.

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