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RE: Blockchain and cybersecurity: 3 points to consider.

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Interesting information friend @pedrobrito2004
In relation to the first point, there is already a way to create decentralized domains, I read it recently, I found it curious, but I didn't save the information. However, it already exists, so that DDoS problem will be solved.

I think viruses will always be a headache, however, I totally agree that blockchain is always more secure than a centralized network.
Education in computer security is indispensable for everyone. Most people do not understand that the mobile phone can be the gateway to email, to the PC, and from there to relevant data.

Very good points have been brought up for discussion.


Thanks for the comment, I think that is already working with a decentralized DNS, I need to review more information, but that is what I remember right now.

Now that I think about it, I think the .eth domains are working on Etherum smart contracts, so they would also be a good example of this.

We still have to wait some time to see how viruses evolve, it is scary to think they get a way to create a virus that destroys blockchain technology, it sounds like an impossible thing, but the future is always unpredictable.

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