How is the confidence in the cryptographic environment?

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Hello Project Hope Community, I hope you are having a great day, a great week, even though the market is still down.

It is evident how the Crypto market has been hit not only with the FED's planned actions regarding the interest rate hike, but also the stock market has been hit hard.

The truth is that I think we have not yet reached the lowest point, as similar actions seem to be taken by the European central bank, because the inflation figures in Europe are reaching levels that have not been seen for decades. This will undoubtedly have an effect on the world economy as well.



Even the investigations regarding the fall of Terra and the late actions of its administration, in addition to the fact that many doubts have been raised regarding the possible loss or detour of money by Fundación Luna, this has sown a great doubt in large investors regarding the world of cryptocurrencies.

Another strong blow to the reputation of cryptocurrencies and the risk of investing in them has been the case of Celsius, where in the same way that a centralized bank has blocked users' funds, preventing them from withdrawing them.



Recently there have even been rumors regarding the possible departure of CEO Alex Machinski from the United States, which the company quickly denied.

However, this is hard to believe, because days before freezing the funds of their users, they announced that they were not doing it and that they would take legal action against those who were giving these announcements that were seeking to generate chaos...

Let's wait and see what else happens, but what is very certain is the fact that the whole crypto environment is pretty much hit...

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hello @ josevas217
there is currently a lot of nervousness because of so much news on the one hand and on the other hand , besides the bear market, it is important to be able to make provisions and diversify savings so as not to get trapped.

Hello dear friend, certainly there have been many bad news that have affected the cryptomarket, unfortunately all this environment has affected all of us who believe in this market and have investments in it. Let's hope this situation is reversed as soon as possible and everything returns to normal as before or much better.


It's traumatic for crypto enthusiats like me, for we lose confidence on ourselves for you know choosing a asset like Luna and USt for investments and we fel like giving up...

So its depressing...

However, this is the crypto and financial world just like unexpected things happen in life and we get deceived in life by believing in the wrong person, forming a relationship with a wrong person etc.

I believe we are in a recession, and its a challenging time for all to survive being in crypto field know...

what can people who are naive and not street smart do... its just fate... hard to have hope... that's that!!

Hello friend @josevas217.

Without a doubt, the market is down now and the world of cryptocurrencies is unpredictable, you should not have much confidence in them, its credibility has been lost a lot.

Greetings, a pleasure to greet you

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