Children and technology

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"The Internet is so big, so powerful and so meaningless that for some people it is a complete substitute for a lifetime.". Andrew Brown.

Hello Project Hope community, today I would like to talk about a phrase I read recently, and it is about this technology that revolutionized everything in life, there is no doubt for anyone that once the internet was established as a form of communication, as a way to connect things the world began to revolve around it.

Life is intimately related to technology, social networks, everything that has to do with the internet is a necessity rather than a luxury, there are few people today who do not have a good cell phone, even from childhood it is normal to see children manipulating phones on a regular basis.

An important detail is that children are increasingly exposed to technology, the internet, social networks, I have seen mothers who even when their baby has not been born have already opened an instagram account, for example. A total madness... in my opinion.



Now, the big question, is it wrong for children to be exposed to and learn to use all that technology they have at hand?, NO, I can't, it's wrong. If they don't, they could be totally left out of many options. In fact, they learn very quickly, much more and much faster than any adult.

For example, I was recently talking to a friend who plays Axie Infinity (a game based on Blockchain) and he told me that he lent his son's account to play and he quickly learned how to do it and managed to win more than he wins, without much effort just learning a few game mechanics, so definitely being born in this age gives them a great advantage, being able to assimilate information much faster.



Are they smarter?I don't know, I don't know for sure, but I do know that they are born much more open to learning, that is a reality. And being born into a world with so much technology is not strange to them. For those of us who are now between 30 and 40 years old, there are many technological things that are really very new and could be difficult for us to learn, and it is not that we are less intelligent. It's just that we have a mental structure that comes from the analog era, and has been adapting to digital.

Those who are born in this era where digital is the normal, it is not strange to them, it is as simple as that, they are open to innovations and rapid changes as something normal, which does not generate any kind of conflict, they can easily tolerate them.

However, this which is a great advantage seems to have its nuances, I particularly believe that technology has simplified many aspects of our lives, but in a way it has also harmed other areas, I do not want to delve into this aspect, but I do consider that we must always keep in mind that everything has its two points of view.

Thank you very much for reading my publication.

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Greetings @josevas217, certainly children should know this technological world so they can perform better in the future, but they must always be supervised because the curiosity that prevails in them can make them use these important technological tools in a bad way and not.

Like everything else, it can be a double-edged sword if they are not well guided.

Children learn with abysmal speed and ease. I suppose that if we were born in this era, we would also be like that. The point is that technology and the internet, like everything else, is a double-edged sword, which can be positive or negative depending on the way we use it.

About playing Axie or Splinterlands, I have been tempted to play them. Will it be feasible? What do you think.

Thanks for this contribution and reflection.

yes in my opinion if children already know about technology, there are good and bad things, because in technology there are negatives and positives, children don't know about positive and negative, they play technology just for fun, not to be useful, I forbid my younger siblings from working with technology, if their age is still learning. This is a very useful and interesting post to leave a comment.

Children have difficulty recognizing the good and the bad, the positive and the negative. That is why we must always be attentive to what they do to take care of them.

Regardless of the benefits that may come from exposing Kids to gadgets and technology, good caution should still be applied. There are no confirmed evidence that this exposure actually makes them really smarter, hence there is need to ensure guided exposure.

Guided exposure, I think that is the key to avoid complications and exposure to bad things.

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Hello my friend. Well, well the issue of children and technology, I think that in this case I am going to behave very severely about it and as a teacher as well as a human being I will give you my point of view. Children who are born in this digital era from the moment of their conception are exposed to social networks and all the media, tools and things that technologies can offer, however this too early and even uncontrolled exposure makes their lives become part of that virtual reality which they see as something normal and everyday. Thinking about it reminds me a lot of Plato's cave where those who live in the caverns see the shadows as reality and when they face the true essence of the objects when they leave the cave they cannot deal with it. I support the theories of human development where each stage of our development as human beings is cognitively explained and where we must include precisely this exposure to technology. As a teacher it makes me very sad when I see children isolated and engrossed in cell phones, tablets and computers where their world is avatar, that alter ego that is capable of doing incredible things that are not possible in our limited existence, but, how devoid of all natural balance is that reality, while children have virtual farms the plants that they have in their homes are dying, while they have virtual pets they are not able to respect and love the animals around them. Rarely will you see these children, whose parents prefer to have online communication devices as babysitters, play outdoors, appreciate and value their environment and especially to understand that life is in being human and that is achieved in the experience that gives you the ability to explore and live in reality through everything your senses give you. I'm sorry for being so long but for me this issue of children, especially babies exposed so early to technologies bothers and saddens me because I feel that they are missing the best years of their lives.

A good piece of information you provide here. Unfortunately the exaggerated exposure to technology is something that is on the rise, and hand in hand with this comes exaggerated health problems at early ages such as obesity, diabetes, etc. In addition to the lack of socialization, which will undoubtedly affect their future adult life, it is a sad reality, and combat it seems to be increasingly difficult.

Los niños que forman parte de esta generación son más hábiles en el manejo de la tecnología, pero más ansiosos y menos observadores de su entorno físico y humano. No sé si serán más inteligentes, lo cierto es que desarrollarán un tipo de inteligencia diferente a la que desarrollamos, por ejemplo, los de mi generación,

I like that approach, another kind of intelligence. I also see it that way, considering that we can see it in different ways. Thanks for the input

I believe it's our duty to guide our children to learn things that will help them in the coming years.
For me, I have the intention and determination to make my children learn English, programming, and the Internet before the age of ten. If I don't, I will have let them down in the future...

What a nice topic. Thanks for sharing

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