Do not fall into this trap because you will be robbed - Scam Alert

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Many people on Discord are receiving this message, with the news that they have benefited from a sweepstakes made by the website Pancakeswap and the MetaMask wallet.

The prize is 50 BNB that must be claimed by clicking on the link that appears and that will take you to the Pancake Swat website, also in the notice received the user is given the instructions to claim it.


When you do so, it will certainly take you to a fake page that looks like the real one and there you should click where it says Claim BNB.

pancake 1.jpg

So far everything seems harmless, but when you try to claim your prize you are taken to the next screen, where you are asked to enter the seed phrase of your Meta Mask account.

pancake 3.jpg

If you do this then they will steal it and take everything you have in your wallet.

So disregard this message and block the user on Discord.

Note: I alert the Project Hope team as the name RobiniaSwat also appears in the ad.


Very good contribution @joseph1956, we must be attentive to the scams that do not appear in the discord, personally my account is literally bombarded with these messages which I ignore and block these users. Greetings

Greetings @joseph1956, thanks for alerting us about this situation, definitely more and more people want to steal our income from our efforts.

Hello @joseph1956!
Thanks for the information, we must be very alert to this type of situation and in any case ask for some help to verify that it is true. Greetings!

Thank you friend for this notice. I think aot of people need to be aware of this before falling into this trap. Many people will have falling into this trap already. One must be careful nowadays because of the increase rate of scammers out there

Hello @joseph1956, Thank you very much for this warning and a very complete explanation. Just today I have blocked some fake contacts that have sent me this link with spam.

It is important that subscribers read this important information and are alert.

Hi @joseph1956
It is good that you give this alert, because there are many people falling into this trap, and many more. People do not fully understand that despite not being in front of other people, there are many who are ill-intentioned.
Unfortunately many will fall for sure.

Greetings @ joseph1956, grateful in advance for the valuable information you provide to all readers. We must be very attentive with those links that are sent to us by the discord, since they can scam us

Thanks for alerting us friend, this type of scam is very common, and many people still fall for it. Even when creating a wallet like Metamask we are told that at no time our recovery phrase will be requested by them.

 last month 

Wow, yes I saw that news and the unfortunate thing is that some people always fall for ignorance, they do not realize that it is a scam, and that happens by not investigating and interacting with other people to ask for information about it, they are blinded with that little money and then what they do is steal them.

Greetings friend, thank you for sharing this information and alerting us about it, nowadays there are a lot of modus operandis to steal our finances.

See you later brother, have a great start of the week.

Greetings @ joseph1956
Thank you very much for the information that is very important for all of us who use discord to know.particularly I receive almost daily many messages of this type and the truth I do not pay attention to them, since there is a strong campaign of this type of strategies to steal from the users .
Thank you very much for sharing.

Really thanks for the information that is a real scam and any of us or any other member of the different communities can be harmed by this scam. Thanks for sharing.

Greetings, friend! Thank you for your advise; we must be cautious of these scammers since many people are being conned these days by selfish people who use such strategies to fool them.
Thank you for sharing.

Hmmm, wonderful information friend I haven't actually heard of this, but I can give out my wallet 12 phrase for anything 😊,your article was really helpful friend I love it ❤️

 last month 

Dear @joseph1956

Let me start with saying: thanks for sharing link to this post with me.

And ... Finally it's weekend! I've found little bit of time to catch up with work and I've managed to read your previously bookmarked publication.
Upvote on the way :)

The prize is 50 BNB that must be claimed by clicking on the link

50 BNB? isn't like 20k usd? I'm not sure who would be silly (and greedy) enough to believe in it.

Thanks for that warning.

Have a great weekend ahead,
Cheers, Piotr

Scams abound on the Internet and social networks. It is incredible how people manage to play with the needs of others, mocking their hopes of improving and having an economic stability that allows them to improve their living conditions.
By @hojaraskita :)

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