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Hello Everyone and I hope you are all having a great time with your gadget scrolling through your post feed 😊. It's really great to have you read my blog post today and I feel really happy about this.

I'm sure most of us knew about the Tron integration with Steemit as announced by @steemitblog and a contest was also created about the #trxintegration in courtesy of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 just to create more awareness and a means of celebrating amongst Steemit users. There were lots of content shared about the TRX integration with Steemit in which users were able to express their views and opinions about the TRX integration.

Today, I'll be sharing with you five major things that may likely to start occurring on Steemit as a result of the TRX integration and I hope you'll find this informative as you read on.

Without wasting much time, check out the five things to expect on Steemit as a result of TRX integration below ;


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Are you astonished or surprised about this fact? Well, you don't really have to be surprised about this, it's definitely going to happen and from the look of things, it seems it's already happening as we speak.

The fact is that Steemit has been in existence for the past four years and this is one of the reasons Steemit has been the oldest social media blockchain platform apart from being the first blockchain social media platform ever created. There's actually no doubt that the number of people joining Steemit keeps increasing almost every year.

The TRX integration with Steemit will definitely lead to more people joining Steemit since they have that opportunity to earn more tokens for their activities. Steemit users are now able to earn steem, sbd, SP and TRX for their activities on the steem blockchain.

I could remember chatting with an old friend of mine who left Steemit for quite some period of time due to his busy schedule and some personal reasons known best to him. I told him about the new TRX integration and you won't believe he was so eager to know more about the TRX integration. After sharing my knowledge with him about TRX integration, he developed that mindset that he was going to come back on Steemit. He made an introductory post recently after going through some little stress to get his posting and active keys and he's now up and running on the steem blockchain.

The fact is that more people will definitely want to join Steemit since they see it as an opportunity to earn more TRX tokens in addition to steem and SBD.


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I know this may sound funny though but don't be surprised when people start doing this. The TRX integration was designed in such a way that the number of Steem Power (SP) you earn in your post reward will be equivalent to the number of TRX you will receive.

There's actually no doubt that most people may want to acquire more TRX which will definitely make most users set up a 100% power up just to earn more TRX and to gain more SP. The more the SP you earn, the more the TRX you earn.

Does this means we won't have people setting up 50:50?

We will definitely have users setting up 50:50 payout rewards too and the fact that you don't set up 100% post payout doesn't means you won't earn TRX. You will definitely earn TRX too for 50:50 post rewards equivalent to your Steem Power (SP).

Most users may definitely want to earn TRX more and this is why they tend to set up 100% post payout rewards and they may sometimes set up 50:50 too depending on their needs.


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The TRX Integration with Steemit will also lead to the increase in the number of shared contents by users on Steemit. There's actually no doubt that users who are eager to earn more payout rewards including TRX will definitely want to increase the number of contents they share every day on Steemit since they will be able to to earn more TRX, steem and SBD.

This act will mostly be done by users with low steem power most especially the minnows. It will definitely help them gain more steem power and at the same time help them earn more TRX, steem and SBD depending on their consistent effort.

Do you care to know how the whales may also likely to earn more TRX tokens without the stress of consistent content publication unlike the minnows? Well.. I'm sure you will want to find out how this is possible. You can find out more about this in my point number 4.


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You will agree with me that your level of Steem power determines your level of influence on Steemit. People with higher steem power known as whales are known to be highly influential on Steemit due to their high level of SP.


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As a voracious learner, I'll also love to read your opinion about the things that may start happening on Steemit as a result of the TRX integration with Steemit and this will also serve as a means of knowledge to others.

Thanks for your time and I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla💕💓❤️


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It is good to know the importance of this type of favorable changes for the platform, since in spite of so much adversity the steem remains solid, giving users more confidence and with this alliance it is something very strategic of integration for all

Nice point @newton666. It's really great the TRX integration will definitely build more confidence in steem users.

Thanks for your lovely comment 💕💓❤️

Nice points bro. I think this TRX integration will lead to more mass adoption and it is a very nice thing if you ask me.
Thanks for sharing bro

It will definitely lead to more mass adoption @samminator... Thanks for your lovely comment with love from @hardaeborla 💕💓❤️

Hi @ hardaeborla having both steem +sbd and Trx rewards is a good way to see your kitty grow. So it should see more people coming to the platform and also hardening of the steem sbd price 4 sure if the lure of Trx makes people powerup their accounts

Having more SBD +TRX and Steem will definitely attract more people as you've stated.

Thanks for your lovely comment with love from @hardaeborla 💕💓

Seems a long time coming that Tron and Steemit put something together.

It's really one of the best so far 😊

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