Eternal ways to succeed and live your best life.

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Dear Steemit

These extremely motivating words of the creator of Apple make me ask you the questions: What do you think about your life today ? Do you live in abundance every day? Do you love what you do? Do you feel excited at any moment or just bored? Do you constantly think about what's next before you've done what you're doing? Are you living your best life?



If the answer to any of these questions is NO / I have more than one / you are obviously not sure what it means to live your life to the fullest and to the maximum, which really should not be the case.

Why settle for something less than we can get, I wonder. You deserve nothing but the best.
This article contains eternal principles that inspire and stimulate me to try and constantly strive to live a full life , and I sincerely hope that they will help you, and I know that they will help as long as you pay attention to them . Trying to live according to them, bringing our lives in line with these principles, I hope to rediscover ourselves, to become more aware, more alive and most importantly to live our lives on a new, higher level.

I recommend that you print this page on paper and use it as a daily guide to your better self that will guide you to your new better life.

  1. Always start day with new life. Try to live so that you are not hindered by what happened yesterday, that day, last week, a year earlier, etc. Try not to think about it, think you are starting fresh…

make a new beginning every day

  1. Always say true and follow right.

  2. Don't always complain.

  3. Activeness is important. Stop waiting for everyone around you to do something, take action first!

  4. Don't think about the things you can't change.

  5. Focus on "What", not "How".Anything is possible, as long as you have given your mind and soul to it!

  6. Create your own capabilities. You can wait for opportunities to come as your life passes you by, or you can go and create your own opportunities.

  7. Live more consciously every day. Stop going through your life napping! Do you notice how whatever we do at the same time we think of something completely different, we are distracted, we do not live consciously!

  8. Strive for growth. There are 17 levels of consciousness in the map of consciousness, from shame to initiation. The higher your level of consciousness in which you are, the richer life experience you will have. And achieving higher levels of consciousness comes from your commitment to your own growth.

  9. Understand your inner nature.



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Hello @genx-miner!
Every day is a blessing and a new opportunity we have to make the most of life, to do what makes us happy. We can not waste it, nor let things change by themselves because that will not happen, nor let the past prevent us from moving forward as you rightly say we must act and the power is in our hands. Good reflections. Greetings!

Excellent points that you leave us in this work where we can take some of the strategies for a better life.
thanks for sharing


They are very good strategies that we can use to have a better quality of life, we must always have a good attitude for a new day, as much as we want to forget yesterday and start from scratch we will always make it difficult.

But I agree that we must start a new day, a new life without stumbling on the road this leads us to be more relaxed.

Greetings and thank you for this article.

Hello @genx-miner, these are wonderful points. Waking up every day to the belief of starting life on a new page is quiet refreshing and one to look out for.