Discussing money matters for couples.

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Imagine that you are a single person who is doing well financially you have a good credit score and you have your finance going on perfectly fine but then you fall in love with someone who happens to spend lavishly and has no knowledge about finance. What do you think will become of your good financial reputation in the next five years?

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It is important to settle down with someone you are compactable with but also do not fail to ensure that your level of compatibility also extends to your finance also. Couples always have a big fight about financial management and this re-curing fights and arguments often results in a high level of divorce, so even if talking about finance may sound like an uninteresting question to ask your partner before tying the knot, it remains a valid question that needs to be asked before any serious thing goes down.

Before walking down the aisle, it is very good to make enquiries about the things that your partner owns, ask question about the income level of your partner how much your partner has coming in on a monthly, weekly or daily basis also ask questions about the properties that your partner has in his name or in her name then go further to ask important questions about the amount of properties that your partner owe with all these questions answered sincerely, you have a great overview of what your partner’s financial life looks like and those things you should enjoy in the marital journey as long as it lasts.

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Asking questions about your partner’s financial upbringing will also help your mind get exposed to the tradition of finance going on in his or her head, truth is that we are often a complete reflection of the type of environment that we grew up in so looking down a little bit more about how finance was handled in our partner’s childhood background should provide us with a glimpse of what needs to be expected and of course work with your partner to eliminate those very bad financial tradition in order to avoid repetition.

Becoming joined as a partner should also translate to becoming joined in terms of finance, it is a good idea for couple’s to have their finance joined together in a way that it becomes easy for them to understand where their money is going into and what they can do with their finance together without keeping any secret at all.

When couples join finances together and are in the pursuit of a common goal, it becomes easier for them to achieve more things within the space of a short time than when they are struggling for different things at the same time. [Source](


Hello @futurekr
Totally agree, but many times this is something that is omitted, usually because there is little money involved, I think it has to be something that is talked about from childhood, so that as adults it is not a topic of controversy.
I think that's why rich people make prenuptial contracts before getting married, it's logical,

Yeah you are correct, average people do not often see the need for an agreement then it becomes a big issue in the future.

Most young lovers avoid questions about finance which ends up resulting to the issues they have in marriage and when it is not handled properly it results in divorce .

We must be informed about the importance of discussing money matters before marriage.

I think one thing the couple really need to understand the aspect of finance understanding also even though they are compatible

Yeah, there is a place for financial compatibility as well.

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