WIIFM - What's In It For Me? 'Selling' steemit to your friends.

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Bitcoin is a “crock of shit.”

I have this friend. I'll call him Mr. Snow. To get right to it, he thinks Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a "crock of shit," his technical term for not real or useful. He uses all the classical reasons why he doesn't like them. They're used by criminals. You can't buy anything with them. They're not backed by the government. They’re not in physical form, etc…

On numerous occasions he has accused me of proselytizing Bitcoin over the years, as if I was trying to sell him snake oil elixir or something. I do get it though, it's good to be skeptical and to research the big things before jumping in.

Being his friend, one side of me would like him to participate in this wave of innovation and wealth creation. The other side of me doesn't care whether he participates in crypto or not, because I have no skin in his game. But I did decide to talk to him about this in another way. Have him join steemit as a gateway to crypto.


WIIFM - What's In It For Me?

People sometimes don't believe in something because it doesn't directly impact them, whether good or bad. So I used the “WIIFM” approach.

Yesterday, he popped online and asked me what I was up to and I told him that I was on steemit “claiming some reward money.” He asked, “what’s steemit?" Nonchalantly I said, “steemit is a social media platform that if you post and up-vote things that other people like, you get rewarded with money.” He asked how much; I said that I've seen it as low as $0 and as high as $200 (USD). “Per-post!?” he asked. I said “yep.” That got his attention. He asked how to sign up. I said provide an email and phone number and you're good to go, and I sent him a link. "Why haven't I heard about this before?" he asked. I said, "Don't know dood." Then we talked about other stuff.

Even though I radically simplified the steemit protocol, he instantly got it. I brought him closer to crypto in 10 minutes than I ever could in years. We didn't talk about Bitcoin, decentralized economic protocols, or some fancy new innovation in sidechains; just something simple...post something that people like, and he gets money, nuff’ said. What's In It For Me. That's a hell of a selling point. We will see if it worked.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello @fijimermaid.

Thank you for posting within our community.

I really liked this story.
This reflects how easy it can be for us to bring new users to the platform. Well done!

Please spare few minutes and read how project.hope is organized and learn about our economy.

That would help you understand more our goals and how are we trying to achieve them. Hopefully you will join our community and become strong part of it :)

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Thank you :)

I appreciate the post a lot and thankyou for being here in the project hope community.
Would love to see more fron you :)

Thank you very much @haidermehdi.

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