Did you know that the Pangolin is the main reservoir and transmitter of the new strain of Coronavirus?

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Hello all my dear friends of Project Hope, today I want to discuss with you a topic that arises from the endless studies to understand the SARS-CoV-2 virus or as we all know it COVID-19. This virus whose mutations are giving headaches to scientists and the brilliant minds of epidemiology are astounding us more and more.

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There are seven (7) coronaviruses, a group of four of them that affect humans and result in mild respiratory diseases and it is estimated that since 1960 they are among us causing health problems that manifest themselves in discomfort at the level of the upper respiratory tract. The other three highly contagious and very serious diseases, including SARS-CoV-2, which triggered this pandemic and which has also mutated, are considered to be zoonotic, i.e. they affect mainly animals and can be transmitted to humans, the consequences of which are pandemics.

It turns out that SARS-CoV-2 and its new strain Delta has as home and means of transmission the scaly skin of our friend the Pangolin, one of the most trafficked mammals worldwide, you understand what the matter is about right, this mammal of nocturnal habits and solitary life has its body covered with scales that give it an armor that protects it from danger, Its indiscriminate hunting and trafficking has to do with the black market value of its scales, which are used in some Asian countries such as China and Vietnam as natural medicine for the cure of rheumatism, arthritis, asthma and other respiratory diseases, which translates as something a little ironic because the virus has lodged in this animal to make it a transmitter of this syndrome that seriously attacks the respiratory system.

Source: Wikimedia.com

Pangolin hunting figures for 2019 stood at 2.7 million specimens which is estimated at about 20 tons of their scales that were traded and used for consumption as traditional medicine. Information you can review at nationalgeographic.com. Now, the curious thing about all this is that the Pangolin is a protected animal for being in danger of extinction and its hunting as well as commercialization is totally forbidden since 2016.

My dear friends, I believe that the COVID-19 virus is and remains on the planet for a reason and that is nothing more than lack of awareness of most human beings, the natural balance is manifesting itself through this virus, its consequences should call our attention to our actions, we can not continue to be the most destructive and harmful species of mother earth, because she herself is taking care of making a natural selection and the more we insist on destroying the more serious the consequences will be.

Thank you for reading my posts and please comment, it is always good to know what you think about the topics we deal with. Note: The pangolin and the Armadillo are both different mammals but well differentiated.

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Hello @emimoron
It is forbidden to hunt them but it is estimated that more than 2.7 million were traded..... That's a big number, total insanity.
I think there is one detail, the fact that you have been given so much access to everything, that it can be easily imported, allows everything to travel faster, including diseases, as we have realized now.
Sure, there's more awareness of that nowadays, but people have short memories, and it's a problem.

Thank you very much for your comment @josevas217 your experience in the health system has surely helped you to confirm that most viral diseases focus their action and spread on the carelessness of people and their lack of awareness to face situations that are totally contrary to natural law. But as long as there are people who believe that money is more important than natural balance we will continue in a cycle of disease one after the other.

[email protected] , from my own views i think researchers are looking for all means to stop the out spread of this virus . so they have to carry out more research in order to put an end to it as this has caused alot of trouble around the globe.

Thanks fir shearing.

Hello my friend, it is about carrying out studies from different points of view in addition to awaken the interest in people about the respect and care required by nature and the environment so necessary for life on the planet. Each new mutation or strain, not only of this but of any other virus or disease is years of research until the problem is solved.

Yes! I agree with you.
Have a great week

Hello @emimoron!

Well I didn't expect something like that at first reading this but talking about tons of its scales traded and millions killed to cure something might ruin something else. Disease are spreading faster everyday due to such things yet people don't learn from previous mistakes and so they keep making those mistakes over and over again.

Thanks for sharing and hopefully people of east Asia would be aware of the danger.

Hello, @lennyblogs if this is what it is all about, people not only feel and awaken their environmental conscience but also understand that abusing nature and the other species that share the planet is a form of systematic self-destruction that in a short time has shown us the worldwide devastation that can be generated. Thank you for sharing

Whether the Pangolin is finally the transmitter of this virus or not, without a doubt the responsible ones are still the people, who indiscriminately break the balance of nature, and irrationally use exotic species without having certainty of the diseases they can transmit, really what is needed is environmental awareness and protection of wildlife.

Greetings @emiliomoron.

I agree with you the human being is the intellectual actor of the imbalance of nature, they have been responsible for giving an inappropriate use to natural resources regardless, indiscriminate hunting without any precaution, often these animals can be carriers of viruses and transmit it to humans, which can spread.

We all need to put our hands on our hearts and become aware of our actions and take more care of our environment, not only for us but to have something beautiful to offer to future generations who can enjoy a healthy and ecologically balanced environment.

Greetings my dear friend.

Exactly, human beings are the only ones responsible for the disasters that have caused a great imbalance on the planet, each one of us must contribute from our own existence so that our common home, called Earth, is really a place where we achieve coexistence in healthy peace. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much for that comment because that's exactly what I believe we will always be prone to both transmitting and acquiring diseases and making these serious pandemic-like problems if we continue in our abusive way of life against the natural balance. It's about being conscious and kind to our planet.

A lot of us are badly hit by the pandemic. I hope that it can be over soon.

That's right my friend, I also hope that this pandemic will end at some point, but as long as there is no awareness of the issue and its consequences, we will continue like this. Mother Earth is wise and will recover the natural balance that will allow her to heal.

haha , the mass media are going crazy with coronavirus. lol I can say, did you know that cats transmit coronavirus, and every one will think that's true ? Funny modern mass media. lol

Hi. Sure there is a lot of scandal in the news certainly, but as long as we believe that everything is a lie or a game we will continue in this situation. If you read the post carefully you will realize that it underlies a truth that is beyond the simple certainty of the disease that can transmit this cute little animal, it is a call to environmental awareness that apparently very few in this modernity have developed. Animals in general are carriers of viruses and this is scientifically proven and can be documented and investigated in this regard, even farm animals for human consumption when they are not sanitary controlled from vaccines and adequate monitoring their consumption can be very harmful to humans. Yes, cats also transmit diseases such as toxoplasmosis, I know it well, I have a cat and I have studied small and big cats. In short, this is to draw attention to a situation that far from seeming scandalous or a joke is a mechanism to call for reflection.

Очень полезная и понятная информация, продолжайте пожалуйста

Спасибо большое за то, что прочитали и прокомментировали. Конечно, необходимо узнать гораздо больше о том, как мы влияем на экосистему, особенно когда речь идет о вирусах и болезнях, которые передаются от животных к человеку и наоборот.

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