G20 countries fail to reach an agreement on climate change

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The UN Secretary General made a statement last Sunday calling for greater commitment and more ambitious targets from the G20 countries in the fight against climate change.

While the planet is demanding change, the G20 cannot agree. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

This pronouncement comes after this group of countries, which make up a forum composed of 19 countries, the most industrialized and emerging countries plus the European Union, were unable to reach an agreement during the summit of ministers of the Environment and Energy held in Naples from July 23 to 25.

According to the UN Secretary General, global warming must be limited to 1.5 °C by the end of the century, "it is an ambitious but achievable goal", to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030 compared to 2010 levels.

The problem is that this requires greater commitment and willingness on the part of the most industrialized and populous countries, but their current commitments are insufficient to achieve this important goal proposed in the Paris Agreement almost six years ago.

According to a study prepared by the organization Climate Transparency published late last year predicts that the increase in average temperatures will stand at 2.7 °C by the end of the century if current patterns continue, so it is clear that we are far off track to achieve that goal.

Thermal change over the last 50 years. Source: Wikipedia.com.

Among the most important actions that the UN calls for in this regard are: no more coal after 2021 to generate energy and phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, but while the planet continues to show signs of global warming, the 19 major economies of the five continents and the European Union are unable to agree on these points.

On the other hand, the UN also urged the G7 and other developed countries to deliver credible support packages to developing nations as well as public and multilateral development banks to significantly align their climate portfolios to meet the needs of developing countries.

There is no doubt that the planet urgently needs clear agreements and commitments from all nations of the world, but especially from the so-called world powers in order to meet the 1.5 degree target set in the Paris Agreement.

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It is well known that environmental care belongs to everyone, but more to those who generate more pollution and problems of this type, and it is very sad to see how they do not reach beneficial agreements due to politics and economic interests.
thank you for your great contribution

That's right my friend, the protection of the environment is a task for everyone, but those who pollute the most are more concerned about taking care of their own interests.

Hello friend. As we all know the environment must take care of all and maintain a balance, but while developed countries have economic interests involved will never change our harsh reality of continuing to attack our natural resources and altering our environment every day more. thanks for sharing this article.

Greetings friend, thanks to you for reading, this is how we will continue until the economic interests are above the commitment to the environment.

It is very difficult for these so-called developed countries to reach an agreement because there are economic interests involved that do not allow these agreements to move forward.

Greetings friend @emiliomoron and thank you for your valuable contribution.

Undoubtedly, my friend, it is these interests that hinder the dialogue.

Hi @emiliomoron
The proposals have been on the table for a long time, unfortunately the great powers do not want to lose terner, much less absorb the consequences in the period of adaptation and change for clean energies.
I hope that conscience will prevail at this point.

That's right @janettyanez, the Paris agreement where that limit was set is already 6 years old and these powers have not yet taken important steps to achieve that goal, they are afraid of losing a lot during the transition.

Climate change is like a time bomb we are sitting on the current situation all this disaster are given by ourself only we are destroying our own mother earth and the same our mother earth is destroying us to keep the balances between the nature.

Everything is a consequence of our own actions, nature only seeks to balance things, it is better that we try to do it ourselves before it does it in its own way.