What you can invest in as a Beginner investor

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Not everyone is Warren Buffett and not everyone can invest in companies with stocks that are high but everyone wants to make more money, so how do we do that? In this post, I will be sharing what you can invest in to make a profit.


Penny Stocks

Not all penny stock companies are invaluable, some are undervalued while their company is doing well. The goal of every investor is profit and it is very easy for a penny stock to go up 2000% than a stock with a higher value, this is because penny stocks are very cheap to buy and can rally at a very high percentage compared to stocks of a higher price. Do not forget that all investment comes with risk and penny stocks also have high risks such as fraud and so on.

Option Trading

This is another way to make a lot of money as you will be betting on contracts of a company to go up or down. Just as there are many gains to doing this, a lot of people can also lose money doing it. You are actually gambling based on previous or lagging market information.

Real Estate

With this type of investment, you can increase your investment via leverage. You can start real estate with no money at all, all you need is access to people's money so as to invest in real estate and make money while you resell a property or you lease it out.


This has become a very good investment unlike in 2017 when the market was seen differently by people, this time, it is seen as a means of investment. There are several cryptocurrency projects that have very good business prospects to grow and the price of coin increase, you could invest and hold for a long time.


Cryptocurrency is gaining a lot of positive attention currently and it feels really good to be a part of it in my own little way, it is a good way to make our money grow.

It feels great to be a part of the cryptocurrency space friend

Hello @elity-sitio
Real estate and cryptocurrencies are investments that I particularly find feasible and manageable.
Like any investment, a prior analysis is required before doing so.
Thanks for sharing this information.
Have a great day!
Best regards.

Prior analysis before any investment is made will really help prevent us from making fatal mistakes.

Best regards. I was struck by what you said about leverage and investing without money, for example, in real estate. Also your transparency when referring to risks. Thank you.

Thanks for reading friend

This is a good guide, when we get some extra bucks it is wise for us to store them up in the right channels and that is the whole idea of investment, nice post here

Storing the extra bucks we have in a positive type of investment will help save us from troubles

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