Making over 1 DEC per game

in Project HOPE2 months ago

Every time I get to this level I realize my collecting power won't let me go any higher.


I don't want to rush into buying cards and realize that I wasted my DEC I would like to move to Bronze 1 though but I doubt it will be easy to move up and making back my SPS Airdrop points will be hard.

Currently, all my SPS is staked and I used all my DEC to buy more cards so I earn SPS but not as much as I was when I had more DEC. I had over 7k DEC, I plan on moving my $50 savings from my Hive wallet to have more SPS collecting points.

We are just 4 days away from the end of the session and I have to say I am happy with my achievements so far.

I found love with the Earth Splinter Mayor Crawling.


I mean, it's not like I have feelings for her or anything but those thorns she put around me really have me feeling safe. I hope @belemo won't mind that I have the hots for the card he delegated to me.

I am glad I can join everyone who has been earning SPS and also join the conversations.

In the next session, I want to move up my ranks to maybe silver so for every daily quest I will be looking at buying stronger cards.

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This is one game that I missed out on and I am really pained by that, but nonetheless I have to move on and not dwell in the past

It is a very nice game.

You should try it...

Thanks for stopping by

Hello friend, it's a great game very strategic when selecting your cards and determining your style of play, I note that you have a favorite card, I've heard about and it certainly allows you to get several victories.

See you later, may you continue to reap success in the game.

Thank you very much...Thanks for stopping by

Enjoy the fun playing and have a wonderful day. :)

Thanks you too!!

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