Hustling hard to leave this country

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The government didn't pay doctors because they didn't work. The doctors didn't work because their pay was too small. After 2 months of striking they show up back in the hospital with nothing to show for other than the effects of hunger.

I think it's hard being a doctor wouldn't you agree? Just yesterday my patient spilled blood everywhere after pulling out his intravenous cannula cause he is semi-conscious and restless.

Even though it's not my job to clean it up we still had to set a new one while he was so restless. He keeps pulling his hand toward himself whenever you touch him.

I don't know if I want to practice anymore or practice anything conventional. Maybe I'll pick up psychology like Jordan Peterson or do graphic design...I can do that so well and I enjoy it.

It gives me PTSD

I remember having thought about boxing the few months after I stopped boxing...I'd see gloves coming towards my face whenever I closed my eyes just to realise I'm on my bed and I'm only struggling to sleep. Being a doctor gives me similar thoughts...a patient pulls out an IV cannula or the drip is not moving fast enough...I thought about these things while I rested during the strike.

Why didn't I take up something easier?

Easier how? Easier to study or easier to help you leave the country or be a little bit stable financial...You have to pick in Nigerian cause you can't have them all.

Today is my second day and I think my call duty will soon prevent me from doing my regular cycling and I promised it wouldn't stop.

I'll get busy now

If you read rock!!


Hello @ebingo!
Very thoughtful post my friend. First of all I congratulate you for the profession you chose because I really consider that it is not easy, not all of us are born for it and it carries many responsibilities but it is also one of the valuable ones and that you should work with your heart and that is where you should look for the answer to your doubt and go ahead. Greetings!

hank you very much for stopping by.

Thanks for the congratulatory message.

I feel called to the profession at times other times it seems really exhausting.

Hi @ebingo An exemplary profession undoubtedly the best in the world, they should be first class professionals with a high quality of life, with resources that allow them to access housing and amenities, is a situation characteristic of underdeveloped countries, I enjoyed reading you, thank you.

You are welcome

Greetings @ ebingo
Every country has its particular difficulties and every job as well, of course you are living it more closely because you are in the front line of battle today. It is important to be able to make a decision analyzing and projecting well the pros and cons, because after taking a new step is very complicated to return, No doubt you have gone through and are going through many difficulties, but the important thing is that you are in the front line of the battle today.

Thank you very much for sharing your publication

Thank you very much for the advice...THanks for stopping by too

I am a student nurse so I can understand small at of your pain, leaving Nigeria might not be the solution, some people are still making it in Nigeria. I once read a book and it says you cannot get rich working for someone since that time I have decided in my life only to work for someone to be able to start my own life and am out. Nigeria is hard and am not denialing it infact if not for steemit there is no way I can register for my professional exam this year. My advice is for you to plan how to be your own boss it might take years to achieve it but that is the best and if you have the means to leave this country fine it will help you to realize that fast. This country might be funny at time after spending years to graduate at the University as a doctor only not to be able to feed yourself and family well and this problem cut across all profession it just the degree of suffering that differs.

Well said, my friend...I thank God you understand my predicament...I hope we figure this thing out

Well said, my friend...I thank God you understand my predicament...I hope we figure this thing out

Greetings @ebingo it is difficult as professionals to accept the mediocrity of some governments, but more difficult is to remain stagnant and without the ability to move forward, hence I invite you to break the obstacles and go in search of your dreams. Greetings

Thank you very much...I will definitely do this

Greetings friend, it's hard for me as a medical student to hear that about doctors around the world. As a doctor, you save people's souls and do your best to raise the voice of your profession in the position you are in.
I'm sorry for you bro, I wish you find a new opportunity in a better place that appreciates your job.

Thanks man. I hope I do too.

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