Don't Let the money distract you from making friends

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Last week I made close to $10 on steemit (I hate going to recalculate it it slows down my writing process) if I am not mistaken, in addition to getting paid my $360. I should be good for a couple of weeks even if I don't get fat upvotes. But I wish it were that simple.

When I scroll down my hive feed I see people making my weekly payout on a post and it gets me feeling a type of way.

I know the aim is not to make a million in one post but every once in a while I fall back from the reason. which is to make new friends here.

Last week I moved up on my reputation from 64 and now I feel like there is a huge mountain to climb with everything happening around me.

With all this, it helps to have siblings that support your work but it gets distracting, you know.

Maybe I'll stick to making comments regularly with people I actually find interesting. The Hive community is a beautiful one when you make friends but it gets tiring when you are seeking people's attention.


One thing that I have learnt which has help me to prioritize my stay on whether hive or steem is first try to make the friends and you will see that they reward payout will be bigger than you can imagine

First think about making friends before thinking about the Money

Yeah...It is very important...THanks for stopping by as often as you do

Do what you have to do, sometimes we take things in the way that suits us, having friends is good, but if you work, you look for partners who pursue the same goal.
good day

Thank you so is nice to have support here

These platforms are also for establishing relationships, and that implies having to read some posts and leave comments, that's the way to relate here.
You have to enjoy the process, that's for sure.

Yeah...I totally agree...

You can make good friends here, maybe even better than real-life ones.
We all work together here, and because we all have the same passion, it's a lot simpler to establish friends with others who share your interests.
Based on my personal experience, I have made a lot of nice friends here who push me to do my best and support me as if I were a member of their family, so have fun making money and don't forget to develop excellent connections with others.
Have a wonderful day.

You can make good friends here, maybe even better than real-life ones.

I agree... Some of my friends don't even keep up with my day-to-day life as much as my followers here...

Thank you very much!!