The importance of Occupational Hygiene for the improvement of the Quality of Life of workers.

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Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

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Hygiene at work includes, as many other things, the ideal work environment; that is, the environment of the place where one works. In other words, it is the relationship that exists between the work environment and the different personal habits of the worker. The maturity of companies in the new world leads to new formulas on how to carry out production and services. It is possible to affirm that a new company model is being implemented, where labor hygiene and the quality of life of workers, regardless of their positions, play a more important and transcendental role than in the past.

Thus, companies must ensure hygiene and safety, preventive services, recognition, evaluation and control of occupational hazards and training at all levels that operate in it; that is, good working conditions, in which not only the absence of risk is pursued, but the comfort and satisfaction of the worker, are beginning to be considered as important elements for improving productivity, and the absence of errors, which are key aspects to achieve the quality of working life.

In this sense, the quality of work life can be considered as a philosophy, a set of beliefs and values that integrate all efforts aimed at increasing productivity and increasing the morale of workers in companies, creating emphasis on the recognition of the dignity of the working man, as well as the recognition of his intellect, seeking to increase the participation of all members of the companies.

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From here it can be considered that the work environment in which the workers develop constitutes a fundamental element, where it is expected that the management has a more meaningful relationship with the workers and an effective and better communication, in order to affirm the success of the different departments or work groups, forming a real quality of life.

In fact, the way workers perceive, feel and experience the presence of risk factors, personal insecurity and dissatisfaction, derived from situations related to the performance of their work activity and the lack of adequate conditions in the workplace, leads to implement a series of measures, such as improving lighting, the granting of paused hours of rest, as well as the review of working hours to reach agreements in relation to productivity, all linked to the need to improve the quality of life at work.

I hope you like my article and I would appreciate all your comments.

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Greetings @dgalan in any aspect of our existence, hygiene and care are essential issues to maintain a harmonious balance with our environment. The workspaces do not escape this reality, hence the importance of having harmonious workspaces that give us the willingness to perform well our work duties. Greetings

Greetings @ madridbg
Having safe spaces and an administration that cares about the occupational health of its workers is essential for the future of any company, which will be rewarded with the effort and sacrifice of its workers to achieve the objectives set.
Thank you very much for your comments.

Hello @dgalan!
Definitely the conditions of the work environment play a key role in the performance of workers as it can encourage them even more or conversely significantly decrease their performance so you have to pay due attention and ensure the employee better conditions and quality. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

Greetings @ yusvelasquez.
I fully share your opinion, by having safe environments and with all the necessary tools, the worker will feel more committed and valued to contribute to the success of the organization. Otherwise the environment will be very tenuous and the value of the work will be lost because they will not feel the support of the organization.
Thank you very much for your comments

Greetings @dgalan.

This issue you mention plays a very important role within a company, which will make workers feel very safe, better cared for and above all they are giving importance to their work, this will lead to better job performance.

Thank you for sharing this article.

Greetings @ sandracarrascal. Workplace hygiene is fundamental for all levels of the organization. Every worker needs to be able to count with safe environments and with all the necessary tools that do not put him/her at risk.

If management is concerned about this, the worker will be more committed to achieve the goals and exceed them for mutual benefit.

Thank you very much for your comments

Hello @dgalan
The hygiene issue is something very important, because it allows the worker to feel cared at work, valued, and of course this fact alone predisposes him to have a better performance. The detail is that often employers much attention to that detail just to save some money.

Greetings @ josevas217.When organizations value these details to the worker, he feels more committed, and his performance increases, bringing more benefits to the company.
Thank you very much for your comments

Hello friend, no doubt that the conditions and work environment are determinants for productivity, modern companies are aware of these, and that is why we have seen large companies concerned about this issue, to provide security and quality of life to their workers, even in pandemic I have read about how companies have sought new models of work so that employees can be productive from home.

Greetings @ emiliomoron. Very true what you say. Companies that are clear about these elements will be more productive and will find more willingness on the part of workers to solve the problems of the organization, it is a win-win.
Thank you very much for your comments

The working environment has a great impact on workers productivity, the level of time, effort and dedication they will put to work. It is good for an entrepreneur/manager to make sure that the working environment is conducive this will also bring him more profit.

Greetings @jennyvic09. Being able to have an environment according to the particular needs of each worker motivates them to be more efficient and effective and that has an impact on profitability for companies.
Thank you very much for your comments

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