Brazil and its stock exchange and securities commission establish guidelines on the adoption of the cryptoassets market.

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First of all I want to give a big greeting to all steemit friends and especially to the members of this wonderful community such as PH. I want to share with all of you this publication related to Brazil and its stock exchange and securities commission that established guidelines on the adoption of the cryptoasset market.

The crypto market is experiencing a very significant moment for some countries despite not presenting its best face, however every day that passes more governments are joining the crypto market as a mechanism for economic recovery and true financial freedom that is not directed by multinational monopolies such as the World Bank.

That is why the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), came to establish a decision to establish recommendations and a series of guidance for all those who perform various operations with digital assets.

Therefore it manifested some limits on cryptocurrency operations in order to achieve a regulation, as well as a better supervise for all those who are part of the market in their country, so that they are compliant with the laws and regulations that are established.

With this they hope to be able to guarantee to all its inhabitants a greater predictability and to generate tranquility, in this way to guarantee a security to the investors in cryptoassets that their assets will be protected if they themselves comply with all the existing mechanisms of vigilance and safeguard. In this way, to be able to contribute to foster a very favorable environment for the growth and development of the crypto-economy in the country.

This report details that the adoption of cryptoassets should be done in a very broad way for all its inhabitants and broadening horizons, stressing that there are no limits to the adoption of cryptocurrencies since all existing and future creations come into play.

To this end, they determined that tokens and cryptocurrencies can be established as an alternative means of payment; tokens that become the backing of assets or securities such as stablecoins and NFT, and also to be useful to cancel products and services.

This will undoubtedly come to oxygenate the economy of Brazil, which is stagnant like many others, and will combat the galloping inflation that contracts the development of nations, in addition, in the medium term, adjustments may be made to the regulations to correct any deviation found in the technological development.

Undoubtedly, this adoption seeks to protect investment and savings, as well as to keep pace with technological development and decentralized finance, which is the financial future.

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